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Completing the various challenging quests in the Caribbean not only grants Notoriety, Experience Points and Gold but in some case special Quest Reward Items.

These items, be they weapons, tattoos, clothes etc. are sometimes sold off or accidentally discarded by pirates. Some special bonus items may also not have been earned while the pirate was undertaking the original quest.

A group of TLOPO merchants saw a golden opportunity for themselves and set up in various shops around the islands to sell these Quest Reward Items. Their one stipulation is they will only sell Quest Items to a pirate who has already completed the quest. However, they will offer Bonus Items to those pirates at a much inflated price.

Reward Vendors

Quest Reward Vendors can be found in practically every tailor, gunsmith, blacksmith, tattoo artist and jewelry shop on the main islands. Each one offering items specific to the type of store they're in.

Bladed Weapons

Working out of the various Blacksmiths across the Caribbean, these vendors offer a selection of sword and dagger reward items.

Jostling Josh Profile

Jostling Josh
Wallace Blacksmith Shop
Port Royal

Mackerel Maggie
Mackerel Maggie
R. Smith, Pewterer
Port Royal
Roundhouse Raven Profile
Roundhouse Raven
Fuller's Blacksmithing
Port Royal
Ann Ominous Profile
Ann Ominous
Wright's Blacksmithing
Tigris Profile
Flinty's Smithery
Miguel Sanchez de Montoya Profile
Miguel Sanchez De Montoya
Anton Levy Smithery
Padres del Fuego
Roberto Hierro Profile
Roberto Hierro
Ferrera's Blacksmith Shop
Padres del Fuego
Johann Lokisdagger Profile
Johann Lokisdagger
Thorhammer Blacksmithing
Padres del Fuego
Bloodletter Card
Coltello Card
Dagger Card
Bloodletter Coltello Dagger
14,000g 7,000g 100g
Fine Cutlass Card
Pirate Blade Card
Fine Cutlass Pirate Blade
8,000g 10,000g


These vendors can be found in gunsmith shops on the main islands. These sell a selection of handguns and explosive rewards.

Nicked Ned Profile
Nicked Ned
McCraken's Weaponry
Port Royal
Zapped Zachary
Zapped Zachary
Edgar Shipcrash Weaponry
Port Royal
Morwenna Profile
Thayer's Weapon Shop
Richard Deckman Profile
Richard Deckman
Daniel Vallance Weaponry
Durby O'Billiam
Durby O'Billiam
Deaf Gunny's Weapons
Padres del Fuego
Gerard Truehawk Profile
Gerard Truehawk
Powder-Burnt Pete's Weaponry
Padres del Fuego
Jedediah Broadside Profile
Jedediah Broadside
Grimsditch Gunsmithing
Padres del Fuego
Heavy Tri-Barrel Pistol Card
Grand Pistol Card
Heavy Tri-Barrel Grand Pistol
9,500g 15,000g
Valentine's Heart Grenade Card
Grenade Valentine's Heart Grenade
100g 3,000g

Voodoo Weapons

Voodoo Weapon Reward Vendors do not work out of shops, but rather set up their own stands in island market areas. Likely other gypsies don't like them horning in on their business. You can find them on the island maps.

Romany Leander Profile
Romany Leander
Port Royal East
Port Royal
Romany Lara Profile
Romany Lara
Tortuga Market
Adrian Profile
Quarry Entrance
Padres del Fuego
Cursed Staff Card
Harrow Staff Card
Vile Stafff Card
Cursed Staff Harrow Staff Vile Staff
100g 8,000g 14,000g
Burnt Staff Card
Pirate Doll Card
Taboo Doll Card
Burnt Staff
(Bonus Item)
Pirate Doll Taboo Doll
175,000g 6,400g 8,800g
Voodoo Doll


Selling various rewarded clothing items, these vendors work out of tailor shops.

Aria Pugpratt Profile

Aria Pugpratt
Pugpratt's Tailoring

Selena Profile
Truehound's Tailor Shop
Port Royal
Grandma Dorothy Profile
Grandma Dorothy
Seamstress Anne's Shop
Cryin' Carrie Profile
Cryin' Carrie
Callecutter's Tailor Shoppe
Mariana Dolores Profile
Mariana Dolores
Dolores Tailoring Shoppe
Padres del Fuego
Zara Seamsewer Profile
Zara Seamsewer
Blanca's Tailor Shop
Padres del Fuego
Adoria's Family Set
Adventure Cavalry Hat Card
Adventure Riding Coat Card
Adventure Top Card
Adventure Cavalry Hat Adventure Riding Coat Adventure Top
900g 1,000g 1,200g
Adventure Vest Card
Adventure Capris Card
Adventure Belt Card
Adventure Vest Adventure Capris Adventure Belt
1,500g 1,500g 700g
Adventure Short Boots Card
Adventure Tank
Open Adventure VestM
Adventure Short Boots Adventure Tank Adventure Open Vest
400g 1,200g 1,500g
Adventure Breeches
Adventure BootsM
Adventure Breeches Adventure Boots
700g 400g
Pirate Life Set
Recruit Bandana Card
Recruit Top Card
Recruit Capris Card
Recruit Bandana Recruit Top Recruit Capris
400g 500g 700g
Recruit Sash Card
Recruit Short Boots Card
Recruit Long Sleeve
Recruit Sash Recruit Short Boots Recruit Long Sleeve
150g 400g 500g
Recruit Trousers
Recruit Boots
Recruit Trousers Recruit Boots
700g 150g
Clothing Fit for a Pirate
Screenshot 2010-11-28 12-32-57
Screenshot 2010-11-28 12-32-58
Screenshot 2010-11-28 12-33-00
Travelers Ostrich Hat Traveler's Vest Plain Traveler's Shirt
700g 700g 1,200g
Screenshot 2010-11-28 12-33-01
Screenshot 2010-11-28 12-33-02
Screenshot 2010-11-28 12-33-04
Traveler's Belt Travelers Trousers Travelers Boots
300g 700g 600g
Traveler's Cavalry Hat
Traveler's Loose Vest
Plain Travelers Top
Travelers Cavalry Hat Travelers Loose Vest Plain Traveler's Top
700g 700g 500g
Traveler's Belt
Travelers Capris
Travelers Tall Boots
Travelers Belt Traveler's Capris Traveler's Tall Boots
300g 700g 800g
Crossbones Cap Card
Magenta Ostrich Hat Card
Purple Calvary Hat Card
Crossbones Cap Magenta Ostrich Hat Purple Cavalry Hat
150,000g 150,000g 150,000g


Gems and trinkets sometimes get lost along the way, so these vendors (working out of various Jewelers stores) can sell you that replacement item.

Jacobi Profile
Smitty's Jewelry Shop
Port Royal
Sura Ming Profile
Sura Ming
Ming's Jewelry Shop
Delilah Dunsmore Profile
Delilah Dunsmore
Perla's Jewelry and Gems
Padres del Fuego
Narissa Profile
Fausto's Jewelry Shop
Padres del Fuego
Ruby amethyst ear stud and ring
Smitty's Debt
Picking up the slack
Ruby Amethyst Stud/Ring Sapphire Brow Ring Onyx Large Ear Loop
800g 800g 600g
Eliminating Competition
Smitty's Sickness
Ruby lip ring - clearer
Emerald Double Nose Spike Turquoise Brow Spike Ruby Lip Ring
1,200g 600g 750g
Fake Mustache Card
Fake Mustache


These vendors work out of island Tattoo Parlors to offer a selection of Reward Tattoos the pirate may have decided not to sport when they first won them.

Daisy Profile
Solomon's Tattoo Parlor
Port Royal
Tattoo Bonita Profile
Tattoo Bonita
Bonita's Tattoo Parlor
Sid Shortwell Profile
Sid Shortwell
Nina's Tattoo Parlor
Padres del Fuego
Alma Corazon Profile
Alma Corazon
Corazon Tattoos
Padres del Fuego
Chinese Knot ArmTattoo
Chinese Knot Hawaiian Pectoral Native Eye
300g 800g 800g
Petroglyph ArmTattoo
Tiki ArmTattoo
Tribal Cheek Tattoo
Petroglyph Arm Tiki Arm Tribal Cheek
300g 300g 800g
French ArmTattoo
French ChestTattoo
French Arm Tattoo French Chest Tattoo
300g 800g
Spanish ArmTattoo
Spanish ChestTattoo
Spanish Arm Tattoo Spanish Chest Tattoo
300g 800g

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