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A pistol, or flintlock as called in the Golden Age of Piracy, is, in effect, a Handheld Cannon. Like the musket, it uses gunpowder to hurl projectiles at its target. With its shorter barrel, the pistol is more portable and more easily concealed than a musket, bayonet, or blunderbuss, but has only medium range and is less powerful.

Pistols with 2, 3 or 4 barrels are listed as Repeater Pistols.

Level Up!


Leveling up your gun adds +7 HP, +1 Voodoo

Game Play

In Pirates of the Caribbean, the pirate obtains their first single-shot flintlock pistol from Hector Barbossa on Devil's Anvil.

As per the Pirate's Code, it cannot be used against any human enemies, like the EITC and Navy, but can be used against everything else - including undead, ghosts, or fellow pirates in PvP.

The pistol is highly favored by pirates in PvP. Most pirates with a high lvl gunning skill or mastered gunners are the fastest to earn top ranks in PvP. Pistols can also help to hit targets in PvP against enemies who use glitches or dolls to battle.

Other types of pistols and ammunition are available at any local gunsmith or may be found in loot drops.

Pistol Types

These pistols can fire a single, typically more powerful shot before having to be reloaded.

Rarity Name Attack Level Req. Abilities Cost
Arctic Blast 59 28 Point Blank 3, Eagle Eye +2, Silver Shot +2 350 Small,
250 Large,
10 Enchanted Moonstones
Beckett's Pistol 85 30 Not in the Face! 3, Dodge +3, Steel Shot +3 N/A
Buccaneer's Pistol 21 8 Lead Shot +2, Sharp Shooter +1 N/A
Bush Master Pistol 55 20 Infinite Venom Shot, Poison Immunity 1, Acid Immunity 1, Venom Shot +2 N/A
Cobra Pistol 34 12 Infinite Venom Shot, Poison Immunity 1, Venom Shot +2 N/A
Dragon Pistol 55 27 Rapid Fire 3, Take Aim +2 N/A
Divine Pistol 78 30 Life Drain Immunity 3, Silver Shot +3, Cleanse 4 N/A
Duelist's Pistol 42 16 Point Blank 2, Sharp Shooter +2 N/A
EITC Thug's Pistol 17 6 Point Blank 1 N/A
Executioner's Pistol 63 24 Point Blank 2, Sharp Shooter +3 N/A
Flintlock Pistol 2 1 None 0g
Foul Bane Pistol 58 24 Hex Ward 2, Infinite Silver Shot, Eagle Eye +2 N/A
Fullmoon Special Pistol 75 30 Hex Ward 3, Infinite Silver Shot, Eagle Eye +3 N/A
Haymaker Pistol 21 1 Point Blank 1, Lead Shot+1 N/A
Holy Pistol 52 21 Cleanse 2, Life Drain Immunity 1, Silver Shot +2 N/A
Iron Pistol 13 4 None 27g
Mercer's Pistol 85 30 Feint 3, Critical Strike 3, Eagle Eye +3, Take Aim +3 N/A
Navy Sergeant's Pistol 21 8 Point Blank 1, Sharp Shooter +1 N/A
Night Hunter Pistol 25 10 Hex Ward 1 N/A
Ornate Pistol 53 24 None 1,330g
Rattler Pistol 13 4 Infinite Venom Shot, Venom Shot +1 N/A
Robber's Pistol 40 15 Not in the Face! 2, Pain Immunity 1, Dodge +1 N/A
Sacred Pistol 65 25 Cleanse 3, Life Drain Immunity, Silver Shot +3 N/A
Scallywag's Pistol 25 10 Not in the Face! 1, Pain Immunity 1 N/A
Scoundrel's Pistol 55 20 Not in the Face! 3, Pain Immunity 1, Dodge +2 N/A
Sea Dog Pistol 8 2 Lead Shot +1 N/A
Shadow Stalker Pistol 44 17 Hex Ward 2, Infinite Silver Shot, Eagle Eye +1 N/A
Silver Pistol 39 17 Cleanse 1, Silver Shot +1 N/A
Snaplock Pistol 6 2 None N/A
Steel Pistol 29 12 None 600g
Swashbuckler's Pistol 13 4 Healing Boost 1, Lead Shot +2 N/A
Wheellock Pistol 5 1 None N/A

Pistol Skills

Pirates use their Gun skill when loading and firing a pistol. Using this skill earns experience points to increase their abilities or learn new ones.

Combat Skills

Icon Name Description Level Req.
Pistol shoot.png Shoot Basic gun skill 1
Pistol take aim.png Take Aim Sight up an enemy for accurate shooting and extra damage. 4

Ammo Skills

Improved and specialized ammunition is also available as the pirate improves their ability.

Icon Type Description Cost (Rounds)
Lead.png Lead Shot Basic Lead Pellets Unlimited Free
Venom.png Venom Shot Coated with snake venom. 3g (25)
Iron.png Bane Shot Cursed bullets. 5g (25)
Hex.png Hex Eater Shot Disrupts Voodoo Power. 6g (25)
Silver.png Silver Shot Useful against Undead, not the living. 7g (25)
Steel.png Steel Shot Strongest. Good against the living. Not so against Undead. 8g (25)

Passive Skills

These skills improve the pirate's abilities. Once they are learned, they are always in effect regardless of what type of weapon you wield in battle.

Icon Name Description Level Req.
Pistol sharp shooter.png Sharp Shooter Increases accuracy for a better chance to hit. 8
Dagger dodge.png Dodge Gives the pirate a chance to avoid ranged weapons. 12
Pistol eagle eye.png Eagle Eye Increases maximum range to strike targets. 14

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