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Peddlers are merchants who do not have a shop (just a few small boxes and a cloth roof), but are set up to sell special merchandise on the main islands, Tortuga, Padres Del Fuego, Port Royal and Cuba.

These rather unsavory folk deal in wares that "fell off the back of a galleon", but their items are unique and are only offered to pirates for a limited time (usually 2 months, but sometimes as short as 2 days). All of the Peddlers wear a special red hat, which is unavailable to players.

Bargain Billy Profile.png Davy Doubloon Profile.png Peddler Philip Profile.png Monger Morton Profile.png Kat Repperson Profile.png Rococo Ricky Profile.png
Bargain Billy
Port Royal
Davy Doubloon
Peddler Phillip
Padres Del Fuego
Monger Morton
Kat Repperson
Padres Del Fuego
Rococo Ricky

Peddler Outfits

These clothes can be purchased from Peddlers, who are found on Tortuga, Padres Del Fuego, Port Royal, Bilgewater and Cuba. They are only available for a limited time (usually 2 months). Monthly Peddler sets change their order each year, in November. Occasionally, a set is discontinued, to add in a new one. Some pieces of Peddler outfits may additionally be found in loot year round.

Monthly Outfits

Peddlers restock their catalog with one of the below Peddler sets every month. With so many outfits, they may only appear once a year if that, so grab 'em quick!

Admiral outfit.jpg Amethyst Adventurer.jpg Barbary Corsair2.png Barony.png BlackMutineer.jpg
Admiral Amethyst
Barbary Corsair Barony Black Mutineer
BountyHunters.png PeddlerSetSept.png Capt Blood.jpg Caribbean Lord Set.jpg JunePeddler2011.png
Bounty Hunter Capt. Black Capt. Blood Caribbean Lord Crimson Captain
TheeDiplomat.png Emerald Duelist pic.jpg PeddlerSetJune.png French Fencer.jpg French Privateer outfit.png
The Diplomat Emerald Duelist French Assassin French Fencer French Privateer
The Helmsman.png The Lost Keeper Set.png Town Mayor's Outfit March.jpg Mighty Mariner.jpg Military Commander Set.jpg
The Helmsman The Lost Keeper Merchant Voyager Mighty Mariner Military
PeddlerSet12.png Pirate Stargazer.png PeddlerSet11.png Red Baron Outfit.jpg Rogue Privateer.png
Pilgrim Explorer Pirate Stargazer Raven's Cove
Red Baron Rogue Privateer
Screenshot 2010-11-24 06-37-15.jpg ScourgeOfTheSeas.png 121017-sea-serpent.jpg PeddlerSetJuly.png Solstice Sailor.jpg
of the Seas
Sea Serpent Snapdragon Solstice Sailor
Spanish Adventurer.png MayPeddler2011.png Spanish Privateer Outfit.png SpiceTrader.jpg Town Mayor's Outfit Feb.jpg
Spice Trader Town Mayor's
Screenshot 2010-11-25 10-51-22.jpg Mystic Peddler.png
Treasure Hunter Winter Mystic

Peddler Special Event Outfits

These sets are released randomly, or during a one-time game event. They are usually sold for a very short time, and usually only once, so grab them while you can mates!

SeaSerpent.png ChinaSeasWarrior.png
October 2012
Sea Serpent
August 2013
China Seas

Peddler Holiday Outfits

These sets are only available from the Peddlers during specific Holiday Events. They are usually in stock for a much shorter time than normal sets, spanning just a week, or in some cases, only 2 days.

New Years Day peddler.png Valentine's Day.png Mardi Gras.PNG St. Patrick's Day.jpg April Fool's Day Outfit.jpg
During New Year's Eve
During Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day
During Mardi Gras
Mardi Gras
St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day
April Fool's Day

April Fool's Outfit
WildFire.png Fourth of July.jpg PrincePreviewCard.png HalloweenSetFied.png Winter Festival.jpg
During Mother's Day
During Fourth of July
Fourth of July
During Father's Day
During Halloween
Friday the 13th

Garb of the Undead
During Christmas
Winter Festival

Holiday-Style Peddler Sets

Holiday-Style Peddlers Sets are holiday-themed outfits sold near Holiday event periods, but last 2 months on the normal monthly Peddler track, instead of the holiday track where the outfits leave along with the event.

Emerald Duelist pic.jpg PeddlerSetJuly.png PeddlerSet11.png PeddlerSet12.png Screenshot 2010-11-24 06-37-15.jpg
Emerald Duelist
St. Patrick's Day Style
Fourth of July Style
Raven's Cove

Halloween Style
Pilgrim Explorer
Thanksgiving Style
Royal Commodore
New Year's Eve

Peddler Sets Obtainable in Loot

Two Peddler Sets have pieces from their collection randomly drop in Loot all-year round.

PeddlerSet12.png Screenshot 2010-11-25 10-51-22.jpg
Pilgrim Explorer Treasure Hunter

Peddler Menu

Like all merchants, Peddlers can provide other services. Currently, there are no Peddler quests but they are happy to buy other goods off of you at the standard 5% of retail price. Press Shift to interact with the Peddler. The Menu will list your options.

  • Catalog - Select new items for purchase
  • Sell Items - The Peddler will buy your unwanted clothes, weapons, jewelry, tattoos, and potions.

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