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A Musket is a single-shot, muzzle-loaded, smooth-bore firearm. It is a long-ranged weapon that can also mount a Bayonet attached on the front. The musket can do significant damage at medium and long range, however it cannot be used at short or point-blank range.

Level Up!


Leveling up your gun adds +7 HP, +1 Voodoo

Game Notes

  • Muskets are NOT available to Basic Access Members.
  • Muskets have the farthest range in the game so far, at least as far as the player can see an enemy.

Types of Musket


*Currently, there are no Legendary or Crude muskets

Rarity Name Attack Level Req. Abilities Cost Resale
Boarding Musket 4618None2,180g109g
Divine Musket 90 30 Cleanse 4, Life Drain Immunity 2, Silver Shot +3 N/A 481g
Flintlock Musket 268NoneN/AN/A
Hex Breaker Musket 7628Hex Ward 3, Infinite Hex Eater Shot, Hex Eater Shot +3N/AN/A
Hex Guard Musket 4216Hex Ward 1, Infinite Hex Eater Shot, Hex Eater Shot +1N/AN/A
Hex Stopper Musket 5922Hex Ward 2, Infinite Hex Eater Shot, Hex Eater Shot +2N/AN/A
Holy Musket 6124Cleanse 2, Life Drain Immunity 1, Silver Shot +2N/A208g
Old Musket 226NoneN/AN/A
Robber's Musket 6123Not in the Face! 2, Pain Immunity 2, Dodge +1N/AN/A
Royal Musket 6628None3,700gN/A
Sacred Musket 7829Cleanse 3, Life Drain Immunity, Silver Shot +3N/AN/A
Sailor's Musket 268None1,060gN/A
Scallywag's Musket 4216Not in the Face! 1, Pain Immunity 1N/AN/A
Scoundrel's Musket 7427Not in the Face! 3, Pain Immunity 3, Dodge +2N/AN/A
Sea Dog Musket 268NoneN/AN/A
Silver Musket 5020Cleanse 1, Silver Shot +1N/AN/A
Wheellock Musket 268NoneN/AN/A

Musket Skills

In Pirates Online, the Musket uses the Gun skill and all the same ammunition types as a pistol or blunderbuss.

Combat Skills

Icon Name Description Level Req.
Pistol shoot.png Shoot Basic gun skill 1
Pistol take aim.png Take Aim Sight up an enemy for accurate shooting and extra damage. 4

Ammo Skills

Improved and specialized ammunition is also available as the pirate improves their ability.

Icon Type Description Cost (Rounds)
Lead.png Lead Shot Basic Lead Pellets Unlimited Free
Venom.png Venom Shot Coated with snake venom. 3g (25)
Iron.png Bane Shot Cursed bullets. 5g (25)
Hex.png Hex Eater Shot Disrupts Voodoo Power. 6g (25)
Silver.png Silver Shot Useful against Undead, not the living. 7g (25)
Steel.png Steel Shot Strongest. Good against the living. Not so against Undead. 8g (25)

Passive Skills

These skills improve the pirate's abilities. Once they are learned, they are always in effect regardless of what type of weapon you wield in battle.

Icon Name Description Level Req.
Pistol sharp shooter.png Sharp Shooter Increases accuracy for a better chance to hit. 8
Dagger dodge.png Dodge Gives the pirate a chance to avoid ranged weapons. 12
Pistol eagle eye.png Eagle Eye Increases maximum range to strike targets. 14

Enemies with Muskets

A Navy Soldier with a Musket

Royal Navy Cadets, Guards, Veterans and Dragoons also carry these weapons. They never shoot at pirates because they have orders to bring pirates in alive.

Instead, they opt for using the bayonet, or smashing the pirate with the butt of the gun.

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