As part of an event in The Legend of Pirates Online, players were invited to act as bounty hunters searching for newly added random bosses to the game that had not already been discovered but their articles were added to the Pirates Online Wiki.

For this event, pirates would need to capture an image of a Most Wanted Boss and upload that picture to Boss' article in the Comment section.

Posting a picture would receive credit for the 'bounty' in the form of a Redeem Code for a special item. Pirates being able to find 5 Bosses would receive a special Bounty Tracker redeem code and a Master Hunter Redeem Code if they could find 10.

Most Wanted occurred during the month of July 2019 from July 3rd until July 31st.

These remaining articles containing the Most Wanted Header header mean that no player has posted a screenshot yet. Once all Most Wanted bosses have been 'found' this category will be removed.

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