The Sea Chest given to the pirate as soon as he or she exits the jail on Rambleshack functions as a pirate's inventory and options menu.

To access it, click on the chest symbol in the lower-right corner. Or press TAB. The Menu options will appear.

The Pirates of the Caribbean Online Menu or the Sea Chest options that are available:

Hearties Menu

By clicking on the Mug or Pressing 'F' - the pirate can view their Friends, Crew, or Guild information, such as how many members there are. This menu shows all the player's various acquaintances.



By clicking on the Compass or Pressing 'C', the compass will appear in the upper-right corner.

Map Menu

To bring up a complete Map of the Caribbean, click on the Globe or Press 'M'. The map will display the islands or ship the pirate is currently on. Any tracked quest goals will be displayed as a Yellow star.

Inventory Menu

Click on the Chest or press 'I' to view your Inventory. This includes Weapon Belt, Ammo Pouch, Materials Pouch, Garb, Jewelry & Tattoos, Treasure, Cheat Cards

Skills Menu

The Skills menu displays the pirate's current skill levels and abilities. View them by clicking the Wheel icon or Press 'K'.

Badges Menu

By pressing "B" on your keyboard or pressing the badges icon, you can open the Badges Menu which displays your PvP Infamy rank for both PvP and SvS (Privateering). It also allows you to add your rank for PvP or SvS next to your name tag, or your ship's name tag. Additionally, if you are a founder, you are able to toggle your founder tag on and off your ship and pirate names.

Ships Menu

To view your ships, click on the Ship icon or Press 'H'. You will be able to view the Ship Details.

Treasure Menu

This menu displays the pirates collected treasures, their gold and any found cheat cards. View this menu by clicking the Treasure symbol or press 'U'.

Quest Journal Menu

To view the pirate's current quests, click on the Book icon or Press 'J'.

When you open your journal, it will start you on the quest that you are currently tracking.


To enter various additional games, like Pirate vs. Pirate, Treasure Map (Black Pearl), Play Cards or Ship vs. Ship - click the Spyglass icon or Press 'L' .

Options Menu

By clicking the Gears, pressing the esc key or pressing 'F7', game options appear. The pirate can select Video, Audio, and other settings that affect how the game plays.

Game Note

Originally, in the intro to the game you had to go to a bar on Rambleshack and get the Sea Chest from a character named Doggerel Dan.

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