Barbossa's GrottoBeckett's QuarryCatacombsCave of Lost SoulsCemeteryCursed CavernsCutthroat JungleEl Patron's MineEl SudoronFort CharlesFort DundeeGovernor's GardenHigh SeasJailLas PulgasLava GorgeLos PadresMisty MireMurky HollowPantano RiverQueen's NestRat's NestRoyal CavernsThieves' DenTortuga GraveyardWicked ThicketWildwoods

These are the various locations in Pirates of the Caribbean Online. Pirates can travel to all of the assorted islands, towns, and forts scattered throughout the Caribbean, as well as visit the myriad of merchants who offer a wide variety of goods and services. There are also rumors that say that there might be more islands coming to Pirates Online, which also means more caves, forests, or even more merchants.


Below is a playlist of all the different songs played while in a cave or jungle.

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