Jumbee – malevolent supernatural beings, well-known throughout Caribbean lore. These soulless creatures are held in thrall to do their master’s bidding, always thirsty for battle and fresh victims.
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Jumbees are supernatural beings created by Voodoo practitioners. Likely unwitting victims of Blackbeard, these men and women are forced into servitude. Enslaved by dark magic, they serve their master without question. They appear as enemies onboard the Queen Anne's Revenge as part of the crew. They attack boarding pirates in three waves. 

Technically alive, the reasons for that being is unclear, silver is less effective than steel shot on these enemies. Jumbees are always dressed differently, like common pirates. All Jumbees except LaSchafe can be levels 10-50 depending on the level of you and your crew when attacking the Queen Anne's Revenge..

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There are eight (8) different types of Jumbees:

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