Pirates often like to wear their plunder where all can see. Also, converting coins to objects is a good way to carry around your loot. These particular merchants of fine gems and adorning accessories can be found on the main islands. They buy and sell a variety of products to help pirates look their best (rings, earrings, and various piercings).

Jewelers in the Caribbean

There are five gemologists in the islands. They all carry the same selection of wares.

Portrait Jeweler Sarah
Portrait Jeweler Dajin Ming
Portrait Jeweler Perla Alodia
Portrait Jeweler Engenio
Port Royal
Smitty's Jewelry Shop
Dajin Ming
Ming's Jewelry Shop
Perla Alodia*
Padres Del Fuego
Perla's Jewelry and Gem's
Engenio Fausto*
Las Pulgas (Padres)
Fausto's Jewelry Shop
Secret Trading Outpost

Buying Jewelry

Inventory jewelery

To interact with a jeweler, look for the shops (marked by the Ring sign in front). Once inside, approach the counter and press Shift.

The menu will display the available wares by the body part they are associated with. (Ex. Click on the Ear to see earrings.) A pirate can mix and match rings and earrings for their right and left sides.

Like clothing, the player can preview an item to see how it would look on their pirate before purchase. Selected items are added to a shopping list on the right hand side, along with a running total.

Once final selections are made, the total purchase price is deducted from the pirate's gold and the objects are added to the pirate's inventory.

Selling Jewelry

Pirates also pick up jewelry as plunder, through completing quests or by defeating some enemies. Or, a down on his luck pirate may need to hock some bling to fix their ship or buy a new weapon.

These objects can be taken to a jeweler and sold for quick gold.

Click on the item to add it to the sell list. It will display the price in gold the pirate will receive once sold.

Changing Jewelry

At any time, a pirate can switch their adornments. Simply press I or click on the Sea Chest, then Inventory.

Select the Jewelry and Tattoos tab.

From the selection, click and drag one of the pieces of jewelry to the correct location (finger, ear, nose, etc.) and the item will appear on your pirate.

Jeweler Quests

Often, a pirate has to visit a jeweler as part of a quest. Some quests are to locate jewelry or reward the pirate with a piece of finery.

The pirate can also get additional Fortune Quests to visit a jeweler for special rewards.

Image Quest Image Quest
Ruby amethyst ear stud and ring Perla Alodia's Side Business
Perla Alodia
Padres Del Fuego
Smitty's Debt Helping Jeweler Smitty
Jeweler Smitty
Port Royal
Picking up the slack Helping Dajin Ming
Dajin Ming
Eliminating Competition Dajin Ming's Competition
Dajin Ming
Smitty's Sickness Smitty's Troubles
Jeweler Smitty
Port Royal
Ruby Lip Ring2 Helping Perla Alodia
Perla Alodia
Padres Del Fuego

Jewelry Types


Image Cost Image Cost
GoldenBrowSpike 400 Gold SilverBrowSpike 300 Gold
GoldenBrowRing 400 Gold SilverBrowRing 300 Gold


Image Cost Image Cost
GoldenEarStud 150 Gold SilverEarStud 100 Gold
GoldenEarDoubleLoop 400 Gold SilverDoubleEarLoop 300 Gold
GoldAndSilverDoubleEarLoop 350 Gold GoldenSmallEarSpike 200 Gold
SilverSmallEarSpike 150 Gold GoldenLargeEarLoop 250 Gold
SilverLargeEarLoop 200 Gold GoldLargeEarLoopDoubleTopRing 650 Gold
SilverEarloopDoubleTopRing 500 Gold


Image Cost Image Cost
GoldenNoseLoop 300 Gold SilverNoseLoop 250 Gold
GoldenNoseSpike 350 Gold SilverNoseSpike 300 Gold
GoldenNoseCenterLoop 300 Gold SilverNoseCenterLoop 250 Gold
GoldenDoubleNoseSpike 700 Gold SilverDoubleNoseSpike 600 Gold
GoldenNoseSpikeLoop 650 Gold SilverNoseSpikeLoop 550 Gold


Image Cost Image Cost
GoldenLipRing 300 Gold SilverLipRing 250 Gold
GoldenDoubleLipRing 600 Gold SilverDoubleLipRing 500 Gold
GoldenLipSpike 250 Gold SilverLipSpike 200 Gold


Image Cost Image Cost
GoldenBand 200 Gold SilverBand 200 Gold
GoldenRubyRing 500 Gold SilverRubyRing 400 Gold
GoldenAmethistRing 600 Gold GoldenSapphireRing 500 Gold
GoldenEmeraldRing 600 Gold SilverEmeraldRing 500 Gold
GoldenOnyxRing 800 Gold SilverOnyxRing 700 Gold
GoldenTurquoiseRing 400 Gold SilveTurquoiseRing 300 Gold
GoldenDoubleBand 600 Gold SilverDoubleBand 600 Gold


Rings are now based on finger by location:

You will NOT be able to combine multiple finger rings on the same hand.

Discontinued Jewelry

Image Cost Image Cost
SmallSilverLoopDiscontinued 150 Gold GoldenEarSmallLoopDiscontinued 200 Gold
Dc jewelry 400 Gold Golden Knuckles

3,000 Gold

(Not on sale)

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