More than Tellers of Fortunes

These merchants of voodoo can be found on the main islands (Port Royal, Tortuga, Padres Del Fuego and Cuba), but not Kingshead. Normally, a gypsy works out of her wagon - but Macomo on Cuba, Valentina on Padres, and Grace in Fort Charles on Port Royal do not.

Gypsies sell a variety of health Tonics, Voodoo Dolls and Voodoo Staffs. They can also recharge your drained voodoo power back up to full.

Often, they will have additional quests for the pirate to complete or be part of a larger quest.

The Gypsies

Gypsies with Items for Sale

Portrait Angel O'Bonney
Portrait Fabiola
Portrait Grace
Portrait Heartless Rosaline
Portrait Lucinda
Angel O'Bonney
Port Royal
April May
Port Royal
Port Royal
(Fort Charles)
Heartless Rosaline*
Padres Del Fuego
(Las Pulgas)
Port Royal
Portrait Macomo
Portrait Pelagia
Portrait Romany Bev
Portrait Valentina
Port Royal
Padres Del Fuego
(Los Padres)
Romany Bev
Padres Del Fuego
(Los Padres)
Padres Del Fuego
(Los Padres)

*This Gypsy does NOT have a Potion Table.

Visiting a Gypsy

Gypsy picon

Look for the Gypsy cart or a character with the Gypsy icon over their head.

Simply approach them, and press Shift. A menu of options will drop down, including a list of products available.

Items for Sale

Gypsies offer a wide range of tonics for maladies, and can recharge a pirate's voodoo power. They also offer Voodoo Dolls and Voodoo Staffs.


Tonic Name Description Health Voodoo Cost
Pwater Health Tonic Eases pain, smells kinda strong too. 200-341 50 3
Pwater Remedy An exotic remedy said to cure all maladies 350-461 100 7
Hwater Holy Water Water blessed by the angels and gods. 650-861 250 15
Ewater Elixir The one and only legendary Elixir of Life. 1000-1821 375 30
Mwater Miracle Water Said to cure all sicknesses & regrow hair! 1500-2021 500 40

Voodoo Dolls

The variety of magical dolls offered, depends on which gypsy you meet on the various settled islands.

Name Attack Power Abilities Skill Required Cost
Cotton Doll 6Hex Guard 1Doll 3650g
Enchanted Doll 18Hex Guard 1Doll 131,800g
Fury Doll 13Red Fury 1Doll 71,920g
Grudger Doll 25Red Fury 1Doll 173,700g
Healing Doll 8Spirit Mend 1Doll 5970g
Life Doll 31Spirit Mend 1Doll 25N/A
Magic Doll 24Hex Guard 1Doll 182,590g
Mending Doll 14Spirit Mend 1Doll 101,730g
Mysterious Doll 29Hex Guard 1Doll 233,360g
Ornate Doll 12Hex Guard 1Doll 81,150g
Rage Doll 19Red Fury 1Doll 122,740g
Renewal Doll 25Spirit Mend 1Doll 203,680g
Restoration Doll 19Spirit Mend 1Doll 152,520g
Vengeful Doll 32Red Fury 1Doll 225,000g
Wrath Doll 38Red Fury 1Doll 276,260g

Voodoo Staffs

Name Attack Power Abilities Skill Required Cost
Bone Staff 3Dark Aura 1Staff 53,610g
Cursed Staff 1NoneNotoriety 30 + QuestFree
Death Staff 28Dark Aura 1Staff 2522,040g
Defender Staff 4Warding Aura 1Staff 75,670g
Grim Staff 10Dark Aura 1Staff 107,200
Guardian Staff 23Warding Aura 1Staff 2323,960
Harrow Staff 6Powerful 3Staff 15Free w/Quest
Healing Staff 3Nature Aura 1Staff 64,340
Juju Staff 3Blast +1Staff 6N/A
Life Staff 28Nature Aura 1Staff 2626,460
Mending Staff 9Nature Aura 1Staff 117,940
Overseer Staff 16Warding Aura 1Staff 1715,750
Rend Staff 4Powerful 2Staff 101,800
Renewal Staff 21Nature Aura 1Staff 2118,380
Restoration Staff 15Nature Aura 1Staff 1612,620
Rotten Staff 1NoneStaff 1N/A
Skeletal Staff 16Dark Aura 1Staff 1511,250
Tribal Staff 7Blast +2Staff 730g
Tribal Chief Staff 29Warding Aura 1Staff 2732,360
Undead Staff 22Dark Aura 1Staff 2016,200
Vile Staff 8Powerful 4Staff 20 + Harrow StaffFree w/Quest
Warden Staff 10Warding Aura 1Staff 1210,080
Warped Staff 3Powerful 1Staff 5600g

Gypsy Quests

Some quests the pirate undertakes are for gypsies who need special ingredients for their health tonics, or help with supernatural issues.


Potions table

Gypsies across the Caribbean also offer their expertise to help a pirate brew up their own magical potion. These powerful mixtures can increase a pirates skills, alter them or have amusing results. But, a pirate must build up their Potions skill to create the more complicated elixirs.

Making Potions

Located nearby is a Potion Table. Simply walk up to it and press Shift.

You can then choose the potion you would like to create from the list and play a Potion Mini-game to build the needed components. Once the recipe is complete, the potion is added to your Potions Pouch.

Using Potions

To use your made potions, open your Potions Pouch and right-click on the selected formula. The result will be instant. A potion's effect and duration depend on the type and level.

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