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Gunsmiths are merchants that sell a variety of lethal hardware (guns, grenades, and cannonballs). They also sell upgraded ammo pouches and ammo barrels.

Visiting a Gunsmith

They can be found on Port Royal, Tortuga, Padres Del Fuego, Ile D'Etable De Porc and Isla De La Avaricia. They are identified by the pistol sign over their door. Press Shift to Enter.

Once inside, go to the counter and press Shift to interact with the gunsmith.

You can select from the Gun, Grenade or Cannon menu. If you do not possess the skill needed for a certain weapon or ammunition type, it will be grayed out.


Icon gunsmith.png Gunsmiths offer the same types of ammunition and accessories, but the types of guns will vary by location. All with carry a variety of basic to more powerful weapons, but the most unique models can be found on Padres Del Fuego.
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Davy Turnbull
Deaf Gunny
Padres Del Fuego
Erasmus Grimsditch
Padres Del Fuego
Powder-Burnt Pete
Las Pulgas on Padres Del Fuego
Ewan McCraken
Port Royal
Turnbull's Weaponry Deaf Gunny's Weapons Grimsditch Gunsmithing Powder-Burnt Pete's Weaponry McCraken's Weaponry
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Edgar Shipcrash
Port Royal
Alexander Thayer
Daniel Vallance
Gunpowder Stan
Isla De La Avaricia
Gunpowder Sam
Ile d'Etable de Porc
Edgar Shipcrash Weaponry Thayer's Weapon Shop Daniel Vallance Weaponry Isla De La Avaricia Ile D'Etable De Porc

Items for Sale

Each gunsmith offers a variety of weapons, with the more basic firearms being found on Port Royal and the better crafted items available on Padres Del Fuego. You may want to shop each store to find just the right one for you.


Name Attack Skill Req. Cost
Flintlock Pistol 2 1 0g
Iron Pistol 13 4 520g
Ornate Pistol 53 24 1,330g
Steel Pistol 29 12 600g

Repeater Pistols

Name Attack Barrels Skill Req. Cost
Ornate Repeater 15 3 20 2,810g
Steel Repeater 6 3 14 2,280g
Twin Barrel Pistol 1 2 6 840g
Volley Pistol 26 3 27 2,700g


Name Attack Skill Req. Cost
Boarding Musket 46Gun 182,180g
Royal Musket 66Gun 282,710g
Sailor's Musket 26Gun 81,060g


Name Attack Skill Req. Cost
Fine Blunderbuss 52 Gun 16 2,590g
Royal Blunderbuss 72 Gun 26 4,230g
Small Blunderbuss 32 Gun 6 1,350g


Name Attack Skill Req. Cost
Iron Bayonet 20 Gun 5 800g
Master Bayonet 60 Gun 25 3,200g
Steel Bayonet 40 Gun 15 1,800g


A pirate can always seem to find a pocketful of standard iron pistol balls, but specialized ammunition comes in limited supply.

Type (Rounds Sold) Description Cost Per Shot Skill Req.
Venom Shot (25)Coated with snake venom.3Skill 2 + Venom Skill
Bane Shot (25)Cursed by Davy Jones himself! Weakens opponents.5Skill 6 + Bane Skill
Hex Eater Shot (25)Disrupts Voodoo power, etc.6Skill 10 + Hex Eater Skill
Silver Shot (25)Useful against undead.7Skill 17 + Silver Skill
Steel Shot (25)Strongest shot. Good against the living8Skill 20 + Steel Skill

Ammo Pouches


It can be some time before a pirate can get to a gunsmith and resupply his pistol, so the smiths sell these accessories to carry additional pistol rounds.

Type Description Cost Skill Req.
Small PouchHolds up to 125 bullets of each type.300Gun 5
Medium PouchHolds up to 150 bullets of each type.1200Gun 10
Large PouchHold up to 175 bullets of each type.3600Gun 17


Name (# Sold) Description Cost Skill Req.
Stink Pot (10)A ceramic pot filled with noxious gas and foul smelling gunk.5Grenade 2 + Stink Pot Skill
Fire Bomb (10)A flammable bomb that sets fire to its target.7Grenade 8 + Fire Bomb Skill
Smoke Cloud (5)A bomb filled with tar and rags. Creates a blinding cloud of smoke.7Grenade 12 + Smoke Bomb Skill
Siege Charge (5)A heavy iron grenade that packs a wallop!10Grenade 20 + Siege Charge Skill

Grenade Sacks


There never seems to be enough pocket space to carry all the boom-booms a pirate needs, so the smiths sell these durable sacks that can hold a whole lot more explosives.

Name Additional Grenades Cost Skill Req.
Small Sack+25 Explosive, +10 Stinkpot / Fire, +5 Smoke / Siege1000Grenade 5
Medium Sack+50 Explosive, +20 Stinkpot / Fire, +10 Smoke / Siege4000Grenade 10
Large Sack+75 Explosive, +30 Stinkpot / Fire, +15 Smoke / Siege12000Grenade 17


All pirates can fire Round Shot ammunition off any ship for free. But, if you want something with more punch or for a specific task, then you need to buy your own.

Chain Shot (25)Two iron balls connected by chain for tearing sails and masts31 + Chain Shot Skill
Grape Shot (25)A canister of metal balls firing in a spread. Deadly to crew and monsters at short range52 + Grape Shot Skill
Firebrand (25)A flaming cannonball capable of setting fire to enemy ships.128 + Firebrand Skill
Thunderbolt (25)A highly charged cannonball that causes a lightning bolt to strike where it lands.1515 + Thunderbolt Skill
Explosive (12)A mighty exploding cannonball. Highly volatile and extremely heavy1517 + Explosive Skill
Fury (25)An ethereal ghostly fireball.2020 + Fury Skill

Cannonball Barrels


Special ammunition always seems in short supply. Gunsmiths are happy to help, by supplying these additional containers.

Name Description Cost Skill Req.
Small BarrelMax. 125 each type/6 Explosive500Cannon 5
Medium BarrelMax. 150 each type/9 Explosive2000Cannon 10
Large BarrelMax. 175 each type/12 Explosive8000Cannon 17

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