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An Acronyms is an abbreviation of a name or phrase using only some letters from each word in the name or phrase. Most acronyms use the first letter of each word.

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Game Terms/Terminology

Term Definition
Boot To be kicked out; or to have to restart the computer
Buff Temporary boost to abilities
Camping Waiting in an area for an enemy to respawn
Dc Disconnected
Debuff Opposite of Buff, something that weakens abilities
Farming To kill the same enemies in the same area to level skills or gather loot.
Griefer A player who deliberately irritates and harasses other players
Heal To restore the health of another
Health Points that represent one’s ability to absorb additional punishment
Jumper Jumpers use directional keys to jump and right-click/drag with the mouse to circle their opponent, which makes it harder to get hit in PvP or while battling enemies.
meh Whatever
Newbie A new player in the game, a nicer version of the term noob
Noob A pejorative version of the term Newbie often used as an insult
Ownz To defeat someone in battle, derived from “to own”
Peeps People
Port Left side of ship, or a harbor where ships may take on or discharge cargo
pwnz same as ownz, term likely originated due to a typing error as “p” and “o” keys are adjacent on keyboards
Respawn To reappear after having been defeated
Spawn When a player or NPC character appears.
Tank A strong player that can take a lot of damage, often used to protect lower-level players
WOOT Way to go; or Hooray
xD Represents a laughing face
XOXO Hugs and kisses
xxx Kisses


Term Definition
AFAIK As far as I know
AFK Away from keyboard
AFN All for now
AKA Also known as
ALOL Actually laughing out loud
ASAP As soon as possible
ATM At the moment
AWE (Pirates of the Caribbean) At World's End
AYW As you wish
B4 Before
BA Basic Access
BAC Back at computer
BAK Back at keyboard
BB Boss Battle
BB Bye bye
BBIAB Be back in a bit
BBL Be back later
BBS Be back soon
BCNU Be seeing you
BD Big deal
BF Boy Friend
BFN Bye for now
BIAB Back in a bit
BJ Blackjack
BP Black Pearl
BRB Be right back
BRH Be right here
BRT Be right there
BTA But then again
BTK Back to keyboard
BTW By the way
CD Cannon Defense
CG Congratulations
COTBP (Pirates of the Caribbean) The Curse of the Black Pearl
COLS Cave of Lost Souls
CTN Can’t talk now
CU See you
CUL See you later
CYA See ya
DC Disconnect (less commonly Diet Coke)
DH General Darkhart
DJ Davy Jones
DIKY Do I know you?
DMC (Pirates of the Caribbean) Dead Man's Chest
DMI Don’t mention it
DR Devil Root
EOD End of discussion
ETA Estimated time of arrival
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
FTTB For the time being
FTW For the win
FWIW For what it’s worth
FYI For your information
G2G Got to go
GA Go ahead
GAL Get a life
GF Girl Friend
GFN Gone for now
GG Good game
GGOH Gotta get out of here
GJ Good job
GL Good luck
GLHF Good luck, have fun
GM Guild Master; or Game Master
GNST Good night, sleep tight
GR Gotta run
GTG Got to go; or Good to go
GTR Got to run
HAGD Have a good day
HAGO Have a good one
HB Hurry back
HF Have fun
HH Ha ha
HOAS Hold on a second
HP Health points; or Hit points
HRU How are you?
HT Hi there
HTH Hope that helps
IAB In a bit
IAC In any case
IB I'm back
IC I see
IDK I don’t know
IDN I don’t know
IDU I don’t understand
IGI I get it
IIRC If I remember correctly
IK I know
IMHO In my humble opinion
IMO In my opinion
IOH I'm out of here
IOW In other words
IRL In real life
IRT In regards to
IYO In your opinion
JAS Just a second
JK (or J/K) Just kidding
JW Just wondering
K Okay
KH Kingshead
KIT Keep in touch
KK Okay
KWIM Know what I mean
LFTD Left for the day
LMA Leave me alone
LMK Let me know
LOL Laughing out loud
LQTM Laughing quietly to myself
LTNS Long time no see
MB My bad
MIA Missing in action
MMA Meet me at
MMO Massively multiplayer online
MMOG Massively multiplayer online game
MMORPG Massively multiplayer online role playing game
MTF More to follow
MYOB Mind your own business
N/A Not available
NC No comment; or Nice call
NE1 Anyone
NL Not likely
NM Not much; or Never mind
NP No problem
NPC Non-player character controlled by the game itself rather than by a player
NT No thanks
NTN No thanks needed
NVM Never mind
NW No way
OC Of course
OIC Oh I see
OMG Oh my gosh
OMW On my way
OO Over and out
OST (Pirates of the Caribbean) On Stranger Tides
OT Off topic
OTH Off the hook, i.e., very exciting
OTOH On the other hand
OTTOMH Off the top of my head
PDA Public display of affection
PDF Padres Del Fuego
PDH Pretty darn hot
PIO Pass it on
PLZ Please
PMJI Pardon my jumping in
POS Parent over shoulder
PPL People
PR Port Royal
PVP Player versus player
QA Queen Anne's (Revenge)
QAR Queen Anne's Revenge
RC Raven’s Cove
re Regarding
rnt Aren’t
ROFL Rolling on floor laughing
ROFLOL Rolling on floor laughing out loud
ROTFL Rolling on the floor laughing
RPG Role playing game
RSN Real soon now
RT Real time
RU Are you
RUS Are you serious?
SC Ship Customization
SFF So freaking funny
SH Same here
SMH Shaking my head
SOMY Sick of me yet?
SPST Same place same time
SQ Story Quest
SVS Ship versus ship
SYL See you later
TAFN That’s all for now
TBA To be announced
TBC To be continued
TBCL To be continued later
TBD To be determined
TBF To be fair
TBH To be honest
TC Take care
TCB Taking care of business
TF Treasure Fleet
THX Thanks
TIA Thanks in advance
TIC Tongue in cheek
TISNF That is so not fair
TLC Tender love and care
TM Tell me
TMI Too much information
TNT 'Til next time
TP Teleport
TPTB The powers that be
TTFN Ta-ta for now
TTL Time to leave
TTYL Talk to you later
TTYS Talk to you soon
TWIS That’s what I said
TY Thank you
TYT Take your time
TYVM Thank you very much
U2 You too
U2U Up to you
UA Unlimited Access
USA United States of America
VBG Very big grin
WADR With all due respect
WAM Wait a minute
WAS Wait a second
WB Welcome back
WC Wrong Chat (Less Commonly used as Welcome)
WDYM What do you mean?
WDYT What do you think?
WEB World Eater Blade
WFM Works for me
WRUD What are you doing?
WTG Way to go
WU What’s up?
XP Experience points
YBS You'll be sorry
YVW You're very welcome
YW You’re welcome
ZOMG Oh my gosh!

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