What is a Game Master?

A Game Master is a member of the Pirates of the Caribbean Online Developer Crew. They may be a Pirate, a member of the mysterious Casa de Muertos Guild, or even a ghost, like Old Sooty. Game Masters can be identified by their title in red writing, along with a logo of a flaming skull and torch above their head, and sometimes "Marceline" as their guild under their name. Any local chat from a Game Master will appear in yellow. Often pirates will get their chat mixed with a Whisper.

What does a Game Master do?

Game Masters offer you a chance to interact with members of the Pirates of the Caribbean Online Crew. They will often host competitions like the Feats of Strength and celebrations like the Brethren Victory Feast. They also help lead some of the raids against the evil forces in the Caribbean. In addition, our Game Masters love sharing stories of their adventures, so if you ever see them, be sure to stop by and listen to a few of their stories. Game Masters also keep a close eye on what’s happening in the Caribbean. Though you may not always see them, our Game Masters are always in-game making sure the Caribbean is a safe and enjoyable world for all our Pirates!

Game Master Guilds

Marceline Guild: These are a group of highly-rated pirates and friendly buccaneers led by Captain Walter, their Guildmaster. They often host pirate events and celebrations, but also will appear to back the pirates during invasions or encounters with GM enemies.

EITC Black Guard: These are the game's East India Trading Company role-played characters and are most famous for their pirate interrogations in 2009, around the time of Port Royal's destruction and rebuilding. However, they still show up, even during Jolly Roger's Invasions. (There was a particular face-off recently between Captain Walter and the EITC Black Guard's leader Captain Ellison Shaw). To prevent disruptive players from causing problems at events, the Black Guard has the power to stun or Knock Out a troublesome pirate.

Casa de Muertos: This Game Master guild has 17 known members, led by Captain Ezekiel Rott. They are servants of Jolly Roger, having been granted their lives in exchange for helping him remove amulets of protection from Port Royal, leaving it open to Jolly Roger's Invasions.

Ghosts: Other characters recently introduced are spirits like the widowed Constance Sorrow, and her wrongly accused husband John Moses, the traitorous Captain Cromwell and helpful Old Sooty. All are part of a few Lore Chapters and Cromwell has been known for giving pirates gold Codes. Like other GM characters, their role was to present players with a story but also to help as part of the new Invasion feature. GM ghosts have made appearance with the discovery of Raven's Cove. The spirits of those who died in the vicious fighting between Jolly Roger's army and the East India Black Guard roam the decimated island. Many of them seem unaware of their own passing like Loretta Jenkins or Pete Abred and the maid Priscilla Campbell. Additionally Ghost GMs may appear during Halloween events.

Royal Navy: This group of Game Masters are members of the Royal Navy. They have appeared at Buccaneer Boot Camp events, trying to disrupt meetings of pirates around the island of Port Royal.

I want to be a Game Master. How do I join one of their guilds?

Only Disney staff members can be Game Masters and be a part of guilds like the Marceline Guild or the Casa de Muertos. Players, no matter what they claim, cannot be Game Masters. Only Disney staff members play the roles of in-game Game Masters and are marked with the special logo of a flaming skull and torch above their heads so they can be easily identified. Any Pirate who attempts to impersonate a Disney staff member may have his/her account placed on hold. POTCO strictly prohibits it.

How do I meet a Game Master?

The easiest way to meet a Game Master is during a special event. These events are publicized in the Current News section of our Web site. Game Masters may also appear unannounced from time to time in the Caribbean. If you see a Game Master, we encourage you to walk up and say hello.

Can a Game Master help me with a problem?

Our Game Masters love to help Pirates out by giving advice on defeating a tough enemy, locating an elusive item, or any other problems happening in the Caribbean. However, the best way to get a quick answer to your question is to contact Member Services.

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