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These possessed, man-eating plants try to eat pirates who venture too close. If you try to run, they will spit vicious venom at you. It is one of the more vicious creatures serving under Jolly Roger, and can be found in swamps, jungles, and islands throughout the Caribbean. The Fly Trap is the only enemy that can't move, other than the defense towers in the Black Pearl Boss Battle, however still be able to attack from a distance using Acid Spit.

Types of Fly Traps


Fly Trap bosses are quite uncommon, and can be difficult to find.


Though they are immobile, the flytrap can still mount a lethal offensive.

  • Bite - The flytrap snaps the pirates with its large maw.
  • Jab - Using its stems, the flytrap pummels its enemy like a club.
  • Venom Spit - Able to hit at long distances, the trap spits a lethal poison.
  • Acid Spit - Similar to venom spit, the flytrap spits acid at you, up close or at a distance.


Many gypsies use various parts of a flytrap for potions and it is revealed during the Cuba Teleportation Quest that Tia Dalma uses the roots of Rancid Fly Traps for a special root beer during the summer which she makes some extra money with.

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