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Fishmasters are expert fishermen who can be found on the main islands and help the pirate with their Fishing Skills. They are glad to help a pirate with lures, buy their rod and reel or to rent you a fishing boat to go after the whoppers. And they may spin you a yarn of some of the big ones that got away... or didn't get away.

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Old Greg
Port Royal
Ray Fishlander
Sven Hooksilver
Padres Del Fuego

Finding a Fishmaster

A Fishmaster can be spotted by looking for the Fish Icon over their heads.

To approach them, simply step close and then Press Shift to interact. Fishmasters offer several services.

  • Store - View lures available for buying
  • Upgrade Fishing Rod - Upgrade your rod for money once your reach level 5 and 15
  • Launch Fishing Boat - Rent and launch a fishing boat for 1,000 Gold, after Fishing Level 10

Simply click on the selection or click Quit to exit.

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