How can we sail to an island that nobody can find with a compass that doesn't work?

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A pirate cannot survive the harsh waters of the Caribbean with only their weapons! There are many others items that are useful or even necessary to reach his or her goals.

Immediately following their release from jail, they are given a Sea Chest and Journal by Will Turner. Later, the pirate is given an enchanted Compass from Tia Dalma, much like the one carried by Captain Jack Sparrow that will guide them where they need to go or where a quest object can be found.

Once their first quest has started, pirates will be given their first weapons - a cutlass from Will Turner. Later, the one and only Hector Barbossa gives them their first pistol. Will and Elizabeth Swann help the pirate obtain a dagger, while Tia Dalma sends the pirate on quests to obtain their voodoo doll, teleportation totem, and much later the voodoo staff. One other weapon obtained is the grenade which is given through a quest with Jack Sparrow who sends you to Ewan McCraken, a blacksmith.

No other specific equipment is given, though often quest items are held onto by the pirate until given to their proper recipient, but they are unusable by the player.

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