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An Enemy in Pirates of the Caribbean Online is typically a Non-Player Character (NPC) that seeks to harm the pirate. Enemies can be encountered at any level from 1-50 on land and in the oceans it can be as high as 71. The level is used as an indicator of the enemy's health, skill, and danger posed towards the pirate.

Enemies will use phrases and emotes that depend on their allegiance and level relative to the pirate. High level enemies will mock the pirate and make threatening gestures. Medium level enemies will make defensive gestures. Lower level enemies will show fear and make gestures that they want the pirate to go away.

The enemy's name will appear over their heads in various colors. This color is relative to their threat level when compared to the player pirate's own level.

  • Red indicates very dangerous
  • Yellow means the enemy is a possible threat
  • Green means the enemy does not pose a real threat
  • Gray mean the enemy is practically harmless and worth little reward.

Enemies are found all over the Caribbean, on islands, in caves, on the high seas, and all will take every effort to foil the pirate on his quests. Enemies will appear red on your Compass.

This is a List of Enemies in Pirates of the Caribbean Online:

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