Pirates new to the Caribbean may find themselves needing to get to a destination quickly, but lack either a teleportation totem or a sturdy ship to get them there. This is a new transportation option which helps Pirates reach their destination.

To stowaway on a ship, visit a worker on the islands of Port Royal, Tortuga, Padres Del Fuego and Cuba. These folks will sneak the pirate aboard a ship to another island for a few coins.

Visiting A Dockworker

You can locate them by the Stowaway icon above their heads.

Simply walk up to a worker, and press Shift. Then, select your desired destination from the list.


Portrait dockworker Horatio
Portrait dockworker Fletcher
Portrait dockworker Henry
Portrait dockworker Elijah
Horatio Fowler
Fletcher Beakman
Port Royal
Henry Lowman
Padres Del Fuego
Elijah Minor

Stowaway Fees


Stowaway fees vary depending on how far away the destination is from your current location. Prices can vary from 25 gold, to 50 gold, to even 200 gold.

Dockworker Quests

Currently there are no quests given by Dockworkers.

Game notes

  • A pirate is not allowed to use the Dockworker until he/she gets their very first ship.

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