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Davy Jones' Crew are sailors who were captured at sea and forced to serve Davy Jones and over time have turned into horrid, ruthless sea monsters. The more time aboard The Flying Dutchman they spend, the less human they become as well as more evil and vicious.

All members of Davy Jones' Crew are a very lethal danger. Chief amongst them is the Thrall Captain, one the strongest non-boss enemies in the whole Caribbean. They can be found only in the depths of the Cursed Caverns and Forsaken Shallows on Isla Tormenta.

Even high-level pirates are weary of them.

Game Note: It is incorrectly believed the Tiger Shark Blade and Black Shark Blade are only obtainable from Davy Jones's Crew, as well with the Famed Monkey Class weapons


Enemy Level Health Weapon
Dreg 23-30 2,050 - 2,750 Dagger
Flotsam 28-35 2,550 - 3,250 Cutlass
Spineskull 28-35 2,550 - 3,250 Grenade
Kelpbrain 33-40 3,050 - 3,750 Cutlass/Dagger
Brinescum 33-40 3,050 - 3,750 Voodoo Doll
Seabeard 38-45 3,550 - 4,250 Cutlass
Molusk 38-45 4,050 - 4,750 Voodoo Doll
Urchinfist 43-50 4,050 - 4,750 Grenade
Thrall Captain 43-50 4,050 - 4,750 Cutlass
Spout 47-52 4,250 - 4,750 Voodoo Doll


Note: Davy Jones Crew bosses were an addition in The Legend of Pirates Online and did not appear in the original game

Boss Level Health Weapon
Crash 40 18,750 HP Sword
Drench 50 71,250 HP Voodoo Doll
Drizzle 50 71,250 HP Voodoo Doll
Jimmy Legs 38-45 Voodoo Doll
Koleniko 47 44,500 HP Grenade
Palifico 52 99,000 HP Sword
Quittance 48-52 Voodoo Doll

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