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This article is on the type of weapon. If you were looking for the specific item called Dagger, see Dagger (basic)



A dagger is almost any kind of small, single or double-edged bladed weapon. They are designed to be easily concealed, yet quickly available for use. For a pirate, their small knife was also a tool, but this weapon was indispensable when their gun was empty or they were in close quarter combat. It has the advantage of being both a melee weapon and a long ranged weapon, as it can be thrown. Not to be confused with Throwing Knives, which are primarily designed to be quickly thrown in rapid succession. Usually using throwing knives will give you more reputation then daggers.

Level Up!


Leveling up your dagger adds +7 HP, +1 Voodoo

Game Play

A beginning pirate does not have the dagger skill. It must be learned by completing the Dagger Quest after Notoriety level 10. Abilities with a dagger increases its lethal damage and variety of daggers the pirate can use. Dealing Dagger strikes in the backs of enemies deals a lot more damage than attacking from the front.

A powerful feature of the dagger is in its use against voodoo wielding enemies. The Asp, Throw Dirt and Viper's Nest throws all unattune the enemy's voodoo doll from the pirate, earning them freedom from voodoo attacks until the enemy can attune them again.

Many enemies in the Caribbean attack using daggers such as the Undead Gravediggers, Undead Mutineers, Undead Brigands, Undead Slashers, Undead Raiders, and the Undead Captains. The EITC Black Guard Thugs, Hired Guns and Assassins also use daggers. Even some of Davy Jones's crew use daggers like Dregs, and Kelpbrains.

Types of Dagger

Also see Throwing Knives


Note: There are no Crude Daggers.

Rarity Name Attack Abilities Level Req. Cost in Gold Resale in Gold
Back Biter Dagger 25Backstab 1,Throw Dirt +110N/A25g
Backstabber Dagger 15Backstab 15200g10g
Battle Dagger 41None188,410g420g
Battle Dirk 5Powerful 15200g*10g
Bayou Dagger 67Feint 3, Gouge +2, Eviscerate +126N/A22g
Bloodletter 15Powerful 420N/A700g
Brigand's Dagger 13Healing Boost 14N/A5g
Buccaneer's Dagger 42Coup 2, Swipe +1, Finesse +116N/A72g
Combat Dagger 31None134,810g240g
Coltello 11Powerful 315N/A350g
Corsair's Dagger 63Coup 3, Gouge+3, Finesse +224N/A201g
Cutthroat's Dagger 67Backstab 3, Throw Dirt 3, Eviscerate +226N/A270g
Dagger 3None1100g5g
Dagger of the Bear Idol 58

Voodoo Reflect 2, Drain Health 2, Swipe +2

Dagger of the Dark Idol 75

Voodoo Reflect 3, Drain Health 3, Gouge +3

Dagger of the Golden Idol 69Voodoo Reflect 3, Drain Health 2, Gouge +227N/A316g
Dagger of the Hawk Idol 52Voodoo Reflect 2, Drain Health 1, Swipe +221N/A140g
Dagger of the Moon Idol 41Voodoo Reflect 1, Drain Health 1, Cut +218N/A66g
Dagger of the Sun Idol 35Voodoo Reflect 1, Cut +115N/A38g
Dark Whisper 80Dark Curse 4, Drain Health 4, Finesse +330N/A1000g
Deal Breaker Dagger 38Backstab 2,Throw Dirt +1,Gouge +114N/A80g
Double Cross Dagger 46Backstab 2,Throw Dirt +2,Gouge +218N/A130g
Duelist's Dagger 17Feint 1, Asp +16N/A13g
EITC Assassin's Dagger 49Backstab 3, Viper's Nest +1, Eviscerate +117N/A154g
EITC Hiredgun's Dagger 34Coup 2, Throw Dirt +1, Sidewinder +112N/A68g
EITC Thug's Dagger 13Healing Boost 1, Swipe +14N/A8g
Gravedigger's Dagger 7None1N/A0g
Jungle Dagger 42Feint 2, Swipe 1, Gouge 116N/A84g
Main Gauche 8Powerful 210


Mutineer's Dagger 9None2N/A1g
Privateer's Dagger 50Coup 2, Gouge +2, Finesse +220N/A130g
Sea Dog's Dagger 21Coup 110N/A13g
Seven Seas Dagger 71Coup 3, Gouge +3, Finesse +328N/A277g
Small Dagger 11None3610g30g
Steel Dagger 21None82,210g110g
Survival Dagger 17Feint 1, Cut +117260g13g
Swamp Dagger 57Feint 2, Swipe +2, Gouge +121N/A127g
Swashbuckler's Dagger 29Coup 1, Swipe +112500g25g
Traitor's Dagger 59Backstab 3, Throw Dirt +2, Eviscerate +122N/A189g
War Dagger 51 None 23 13,010g 650g
Wilderness Dagger 32 Feint 1, Cut +1, Swipe +1 11 N/A 34g

*Was available for purchase, no longer attainable.

Note: Daggers are only available for Unlimited Access Players.

Dagger Skills

Unlike a cutlass, a dagger can be used to strike with or thrown - thus doubling its capability as both a hand-to-hand weapon and a ranged weapon.

Combo Skills

As the pirate learns these combo skills, they can be chained together for a continuous assault.

Name Description Level Req. Icon
Cut Quick upward cut.1Dagger cut.png
Swipe A tricky, spinning blade attack.1Dagger gouge.png
Gouge A brutal overhead slice.8Dagger swipe.png
Eviscerate A flurry of three deep cuts.14Dagger impale.png

Throwing Skills

These abilities add more to the pirate's arsenal. When using the dagger, press 1-5 or click on the icons to use them.

Name Description Cost Level Req. Icon
Asp Basic throwing knife.2g per 252Dagger throw.png
Adder A small throwing knife covered in snake venom.2g per 254Dagger adder.png
Throw Dirt Fight dirty by blinding your opponent.none6Dagger throw dirt.png
Sidewinder A large curved throwing knife.7g per 2512Dagger sidewinder.png
Viper's Nest A brace of special knives thrown in a set.2g per 517Dagger vipers nest.png

Passive Skills

These abilities, once learned, are automatic and the pirate will always be able to use them.

Name Description Level Req. Icon
Backstrike The pirate receives a bonus when striking an enemy from behind1N/A
Finesse Lowers the amount of time to reset a Cutlass or Dagger Combo10Cutlass finesse.png
Blade Instinct Additional damage using a Cutlass or Dagger.20Dagger blade instinct.png

Dagger Belts

To increase the amount of daggers the pirate can carry, blacksmiths offer Dagger Belts in three sizes.

Name Additional Daggers Held Cost
Small Belt+25 Throwing/Venom/Sidewinder, +10 Vipers200
Medium Belt+50 Throwing/Venom/Sidewinder, +20 Vipers800
Large Belt+75 Throwing/Venom/Sidewinder, +35 Vipers2400

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