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The blades' a bit rusty, not well balanced, but it should suffice for the present.
— Will Turner as you receive the Rusty Cutlass as your first weapon


The cutlass is one of three sword types and the primary melee weapon that the player can use throughout the game, with the other types being the sabre and broadsword. A Cutlass is identifiable by its short, heavy blade. They were preferred by sailing men since they performed well in tight spaces yet could still deliver a powerful cut.

In the beginning of the game the player obtains the rusty cutlass from the blacksmith Will Turner, and also gets basic training from him. Better swords may be purchased at a blacksmith, found in loot drops, or obtained through additional Fortune Quests.

As the pirate's cutlass skills improve, he or she can find or purchase better swords. Later, the pirate will be offered quests to obtain some of the finest weapons in the islands.There are three legendary cutlasses.

NOTE: Originally, the Cutlass was the only type of sword available. After El Patron's Lost Weapons, the others were added. However, some like the Iron Cutlass and Steel Cutlass were removed.

Level Up!


*Leveling up your sword adds +8 HP, +0 Voodoo

Types of Cutlasses

Rarity Name Attack Level Req. Abilities Cost Resale
 Admiral's Cutlass 8030Captain's Resolve 4, Thrust +3, Endurance +3N/A1,503g
 Assassin's Cutlass 5618Not in the Face! 3, Venom Strike 3, Poison Immunity, Acid ImmunityN/A507g
  Arctic Cutlass 70 26 Rolling Attack 3, Flourish +3 S: 750, L: 250, E: 25 320g
 Baboon Cutlass 3912Monkey Panic 2, Sure Footed 2, Brawl +1N/A158g
 Bandit's Cutlass 142NoneN/A5g
 Battle Cutlass 268None430g21g
 Bejeweled Cutlass 5015Critical Strike 3, Sweep +2, Cleave +2N/A293g
 Black Shark Blade 8030Rolling Attack 3, Critical Strike 3, Endurance +3N/A1,011g
Cursed Blade of the Abyss 9329Inferno Sweep 3, Blood Fire 3, Sweep +3N/A633g
 Bloodfire Cutlass 6422Blood Fire 1, Fire Immunity 1N/A293g
 Boarding Cutlass 226Healing Boost 2, Cleave +1N/A38g
 Brawler's Cutlass 4716Power Slash 2, Stun Immunity 1, Brawl +2N/A218g
 Bruiser's Cutlass 6824Power Slash 3, Stun Immunity 2, Brawl +3N/A759g
 Brute's Cutlass 268Power Slash 1, Brawl +1 38g
 Buccaneer's Cutlass 5118Rolling Attack 2, Parry +1, Brawl +1N/A227g
 Cabin Boy's Cutlass 133Not in the Face! 1N/A7g
 Captain's Cutlass 5721

Captain's Resolve 3, Flourish +1, Endurance +1

 Commander's Cutlass 5118Captain's Resolve 2, Cleave +2, Endurance +1N/A291g
 Commodore's Cutlass 6824Captain's Resolve 3, Flourish +2, Endurance +2N/A847g
 Corsair's Cutlass 7226Rolling Attack 3, Parry +3, Brawl +2, Endurance +1N/A892g
Cursed Cursed Blade of Yore 9330Rolling Attack 5, Flourish +4, Blade Storm +3, Thrust +2N/A4515g
Cursed Cursed Seafang Blade 6020Cursed Thunder 1, Flourish +2Code 110g
 Cutlass of the Inquisition 6824

Healing Boost 3, Voodoo Damage 3

 Darkfire Cutlass 221Cursed Fire 1Code 42g
 Deck Hand's Cutlass 154Healing Boost 1N/A7g
 Desert Claw 7623Rolling Attack 3, Life Drain Immunity, Cleave +3, Flourish +3N/A1,063g
 Devil's Claw 8930Sure Footed 3, Hurricane Slash 4, Brawl +5, Parry +4Loot from Dry Rot1,988g
 Divine Cutlass 7025Cleanse 3, Life Drain Immunity, Flourish +2N/A637g
Cursed Doom Rattler 7726Cursed Fire 2, Pain Immunity 1, Thrust +2N/A248g
 EITC Mercenary's Cutlass 5020Power Slash 2, Parry +2, Cleave +1N/A134g
 Engraved Cutlass 3711Critical Strike 2, Sweep +2, Cleave +1N/A101g
 Fine Cutlass 1615Powerful 3N/A250g
 First Mate's Cutlass 3412Captain's Resolve 1, Slash +1N/A60g
 Gemstone Blade 7727Pain Immunity 1, [[Immunity}Stun Immunity]] 1, Sweep +3, Endurance +4300 Large Bones, 35 Haunted Bones556g
 Gorilla Cutlass 7226Monkey Panic 3, Sure Footed 3, Brawl +2, Taunt +2N/A824g
 Grand Cutlass 4618None990g49g
Cursed Grim Hound Blade 7025Cursed Ice 1, Venom Strike 2N/A125g
 Heart of Padres del Fuego 9030Cursed Fire 5, Blood Fire 3, Blade Storm +3, Thrust +3Code 5,630g
 Heavy Cutlass 133Sweep +1N/A4g
 Holy Cutlass 4113Cleanse 2, Life Drain Immunity 1N/A135g
RemovedIron Cutlass 95Powerful 1400g20g
 Jack Sparrow's Blade 8630Critical Strike 3, Captain's Fury 3, Cleave +3Loot from General Darkhart5,605g
 Lieutenant's Cutlass 4515Captain's Resolve 2, Cleave +1N/A191g
 Light Cutlass 101NoneN/A2g
 Lost Sword of El Patron 8427Ghost Form 3, Drain Voodoo 3, Sweep +3N/A2,167g
 Masterwork Cutlass 5819Critical Strike 3, Sweep +3, Cleave +3N/A424g
 Mariner's Cutlass 175NoneN/A4g
 Monkey Cutlass 205Monkey Panic 1, Sure Footed 1N/A52g
Cursed Nautilus Blade 7123Cursed Thunder 2, Critical Strike 2, Flourish +2N/A228g
 Navy Sergeant's Cutlass 289Power Slash 1N/A28g
 Orangutan Cutlass 5319Monkey Panic 2, Sure Footed 3, Brawl +2, Taunt +1N/A321g
 Ornate Cutlass 3613None680g34g
 Pirate Blade 2220Powerful 4N/A500g
 Pirate's Cutlass 183Healing Boost 1, Cleave +1N/A20g
 Poisoned Cutlass 226Not in the Face! 1, Venom Strike 1N/A28g
 Privateer's Cutlass 5922Rolling Attack 3, Parry +2, Brawl +2N/A431g
 Quartermaster's Cutlass 289Captain's Resolve 1N/A41g
 Royal Cutlass 5623None1,240g67g
 Rusty Cutlass 61None0g0g
 Sacred Cutlass 5819Cleanse 3, Life Drain Immunity, Flourish +3N/A457g
 Sailor's Cutlass 91Slash +1N/A3g
 Sea Dog's Cutlass 3010Rolling Attack 1N/A41g
 Seven Seas Cutlass 8030Rolling Attack 3, Parry +3, Brawl + 3, Endurance +2N/A1,164g
 Shadow Cutlass 6424Dark Curse 2, Cursed Immunity 2, Snare Immunity 2N/A340g
 Shark Blade 3912Rolling Attack 1, Critical Strike 1, Endurance +1N/A114g
 Sharp Cutlass 163 Critical Strike 1N/A10g
 Short Cutlass 163None220g11g
 Silver Cutlass 247Cleanse 1, Life Drain Immunity 1N/A26g
  Silver Striker 92 30 Power Slash 4, Voodoo Damage 3, Cleave +3 L: 350, E: 1200 2488g
 Skeleton Arm 321Power Slash 1Redeem Code: "arm" or "skeleton"50g
 Slasher's Cutlass 3814Power Slash 2, Cleave +2, Slash +1N/A104g
 Spectral Cutlass 241Dark Curse 1N/A34g
Cursed Spineskull Blade 6623Hurricane Slash 1, Critical Strike 2N/A106g
 Steel Cutlass 1210N/A1000g50g
 Swabbie's Cutlass 112Hack +1N/A6g
 Swashbuckler's Cutlass 3814Rolling Attack 2, Parry +1N/A104g
Cursed Sword of Decay 6020Blood Fire 1,Voodoo Damage 1N/A92g
 Tempered Cutlass 297Critical Strike 2, Sweep +1N/A52g
Cursed The Dark Mutineer 8530Dark Curse 3, Voodoo Damage 2, Brawl +3N/A308g
Cursed Thunderspine Sword 9530Shock Sweep 3, Critical Strike 3, Thrust +3N/A515g
 Tiger Shark Blade 6221Rolling Attack 2, Critical Strike 2, Endurance +2N/A525g
 Venomed Cutlass 3912Not in the Face! 2, Venom Strike 2, Poison Immunity 1N/A142g
 Vice Admiral's Cutlass 7427Captain's Resolve 4, Thrust +2, Endurance +2N/A1,191g
 Viper's Kiss 5917Venom Strike 4, Parry +5, Brawl +5, Flourish +5N/A840g
 Voodoo Cutlass 205Healing Boost 1N/A24g
 Voodoo Hunter Cutlass 3010Healing Boost 1 Voodoo Damage 1N/A38g
 War Cutlass 3912Healing Boost 3, Flourish +1N/A101g
Cursed Whalebone Blade 8329Cursed Ice 3, Parry +3, Endurance +3N/A348g
 Witch Hunter Cutlass 4917Healing Boost 2, Voodoo Damage 2N/A150g
 Worn Cutlass 71NoneN/A1g

Cutlass Skills

Combo Skills

Cutlass combo skills are progressive attacks that require regulated timing to execute.

Higher level combos do much more damage than lower-level combos.

Basic Access Sword Combos.gif
Name Description Level Req. Icon Attack Pic
Hack The pirate performs a quick downward slice, initiating the start of the combo.Level 1Cutlass hack.png
Slash The pirate leans back and delivers a nasty slash with their blade right at the enemy's throat.Level 1Cutlass slash.png
Cleave The pirate rears back, bringing the blade overhead, and suddenly brings it down in a powerful chopping stroke.Level 4Cutlass cleave.png
Flourish The pirate performs three graceful slashes. The blade goes up, across, and down- almost in a triangle motion.Level 10Cutlass flourish.png
 Thrust The pirate reels back, spins the sword in the air for dramatic flair, and suddenly lurches forward at lightning speed- driving the blade right into the enemy's stomach.Level 17Cutlass stab.png

Attack Skills

Name Description Level Req. Icon
Sweep The pirate hunches down, almost hiding their blade... then suddenly whirls out in a spinning fury; a complete 360 slash that hits any enemy nearby.Level 2Cutlass sweep.png

The pirate puts their blade aside and suddenly lurches right at the enemy, giving the enemy a very brutal head-butt.

Level 8Cutlass brawl.png

Taunt and laugh at your enemies! Their attacks will be less accurate and less powerful.

Level 14Cutlass taunt.png
Blade Storm

An onslaught of lightning-fast sword slashes topped off by a vicious reverse thrust.

Level 20Cutlass bladestorm.png

Passive Skills

These skills are always active once acquired and do not need to be triggered.

Name Description Level Req. Icon
Parry Chance to block oncoming attacks.Level 6Cutlass parry.png
Endurance Increases maximum health by 4% for each rank.Level 12Grenade toughness.png

Enemies who also use a Cutlass

Royal Navy: Marine, Sergeant, Officer

East India Trading Company: Grunt, Mercenary

Undead: Undead Bandit, Undead Pirate, Undead Brute, Undead Duelist, Undead Executioner, Undead Raider, Undead Captain

Spanish Undead Conquistador, Spanish Undead Bandido, Spanish Undead Pirata, Spanish Undead Capitan

Davy Jones Crew: Flotsam, Kelpbrain, Seabeard, Thrall Captain

Ghosts: Mutineer Ghost, Traitor Ghost

Jumbees: Jumbee Swabbie, Jumbee Cook, Jumbee Lookout, Jumbee Thug, Jumbee Officer, Jumbee Thrall, Jumbee Thralldriver

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