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Cannonmasters are stationed at the various Cannon Defense forts on Port Royal, Tortuga and Padres Del Fuego. They stand out front of the defensive structures, awaiting gunner volunteers to play the mini game.

To play Cannon Defense, simply walk up to the Cannonmaster and press Shift. Select Cannon Defense to enter the game.


Geoffrey Bridgebreaker
Rusty McGinnis-0
Bert Calledougal
Geoffrey Bridgebreaker
Tortuga Graveyard, Tortuga
Rusty McGinnis
Fort Dundee, Padres Del Fuego
Bert Calledougal
Fort Charles, Port Royal

Game Notes

  • Geoffrey is in pirate garb, which makes sense due to the fact Tortuga has no Navy fortress. In this case, the pirates have fashioned their own defense turrets.
  • Basil Calledougal was the previous Fort Charles Cannonmaster in Pirates Online. He was replaced with Bert in The Legend of Pirates Online.

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