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Bounty Hunters are special enemy War Class ships that only appear when your Bounty Flag reaches Level 3 (Pirate at Large). This occurs when the pirate has sunk a large number of Navy and East India ships. These very dangerous vessels launch from the nearest major island and make a direct assault on the player's ship.

They will not stop until they've been sunk and then a new Bounty Hunter ship will launch to continue the pursuit. Only 1 Hunter at a time will pursue.

However, once the pirate's Bounty reaches Level 4 (Rogue on the Run), the Royal Navy will send a Warship to assist in the hunt.

Game Notes:

  • Bounty Hunters are much more armored than other warships.
  • Bounty Hunters have more more firepower than other warships.
  • All Bounty Hunter ships are very fast compared to other enemy ships, even keeping pace with War Sloops.
  • All Bounty Hunters and Warships have a chance of dropping special Materials that are vital for customizing your ship's hull and rigging.
  • All Bounty Hunter ships have this ship tag Hunter Tag2.
  • Bounty Hunter ships can still move speed even if their Masts are destroyed

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