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Bosses lead the masses of lesser enemies in their battles against the pirates. They are much tougher to defeat than ordinary enemies, and many of them are very challenging.

Land Bosses are bigger, badder versions of commonly seen enemies. They are all much tougher than their basic counterparts, with much more health than a normal monster of that level. Some are extremely tough to beat and may require teaming up with other pirates to bring down. However, doing so can reap a big reward, as bosses have a much higher loot drop rate than other enemies. These bosses appear with a green or yellow glow around them and with a skull with a red outline over their head. Undead and creature bosses appear larger than their normal strength allies. However, Navy, EITC, Jumbee, and Ghost bosses appear at the same size as their followers. Some appear consistently in the same place, while other bosses only appear intermittently. Some are very rare, and some can only be found on flagships.

Sea Bosses are Ships of the Line that lead the Treasure Fleets, or The Queen Anne's Revenge. They are heavily armed and equipped with sturdy armor, and should be engaged with extreme caution even by the hardiest sea dogs.

Creature Bosses

These are creatures tainted by Jolly's evil voodoo or dead creatures brought up from the dead to serve him. They are much meaner and stronger than their normal counterparts.

Bat Bosses

Cave Bat Bloodleach Frightfang Screecher Swoop
Rabid Bat Bloodglut Leatherwing Silent Fang Whisperwing
Vampire Bat Bloodhunter Nosferatu Plaguebearer Winged Terror
Fire Bat Cinderwing Enflamed Evil Hidden Fury Pyre Strike

Crab Bosses

Sand Crab Crabby Insignificant Crustacean Sand Stalker Annoying Angry Little Crab
Stone Crab Man Ripper Coral Cruncher Louie Pinch
Rock Crab Claw Chief Bisque Rockbottom Rocky
Giant Crab Scatter Snap Blood Bane Bonepicker Claw Cracker Rangoon Shell Don
Devourer Crab Croquettes De Crabe Calamity Claws Crabohydrate Iron Shell Skull Cruncher

Alligator Bosses

Swamp Alligator Bogdweller Fat Tail Shallow Swimmer Tide Lurker
Bayou Alligator Hardtack Alligarta Alligarto Swampstalker Tia's Favorite
Big Alligator Meanmaw Razorjaw Scarred Scales Trapjaw
Huge Alligator Dreadtooth Lockjaw Ripshred Rotten Scales Swamp Terror Billy Bob the Gator

Scorpion Bosses

Giant Scorpion Malicioso Broken Tail Rip Tail Toxic Tail
Dire Scorpion Bloodgouge Minor Sting Poison Needle Soul Snatcher
Dread Scorpion Venom Lash Silent Stinger The Reaper Stingin' Steve Rum-Drunken Scorpion

Wasp Bosses

Dire Wasp Firesting Sharp Sting Venom Wing Winged Fury
Killer Wasp Devilwing Flying Fury Stabby Stab Yellow Devil
Terror Wasp Buzzkill Hive Hunter Ol' Waspy Whirly Wasp
Soldier Wasp Bane of Scary Mary The Captain The Lieutenant The Sergeant
Hive Queen

Fly Trap Bosses

Giant Fly Trap Bonecracker Chomper Rapid Spit Spike
Rancid Fly Trap Snap Dragon Acid Blight Poison Blight Tanglevine
Ancient Fly Trap Putrid Odor Creeping Terror Old Growth Withering Blight

Stump Bosses

Corrupt Stump Bowbreaker Bonethrasher Mossman Woody
Twisted Stump Devil Root Forest Terror Shivertimber Spinecrusher Tree of Woe
Dry Rot

EITC Bosses

These men are specially trained goons working for the EITC. They are much more dangerous than other soldiers of similar rank. Most are rarely spotted, but Remington the Vicious and Neban the Silent are always at Kingshead and Beckett's Quarry respectively.

Thug Carlos Cudgel Claude D'Arcis Archie the Cruel John Nickelby Lawrence the Unrelenting
Grunt Samuel Zachariah Sharp George Peabody Stuart Worthington Thorpe Johnson
Hired-Gun Henry Flint Abbott Winslow Fisher Norton Millard Wingate
Mercenary Phineas Fowl Jonathan Reed Ruthless Julian Winston Piper
Assassin Edward Lohand Neban the Silent Remington the Vicious Addison Mayfield Atticus the Wise Black Swine Bailey James the Valiant

Navy Bosses

These are soldiers in the Navy that are much stronger than other soldiers in the same rank. These bosses are never found in the same area, they switch out from time to time.

Cadet Geoffrey Pain Cole Dillinger Gregory Bingham
Guard Hugh Brandish Maddox Martin Blakeley Wade
Marine Nathaniel Grimm Alexander Clift Charles Montford Montgomery Leach
Sergeant Sid Shiver Arthur Gale Sergeant Seagrave Thomas Bennett
Veteran Ian Ramjaw Samuel Higgins Edward Wilde Henry Arden
Officer Captain Barrett Captain Thorne Jefferson Bingham Lawrence Arnot
Dragoon Humphrey Bailey Logan Bacall Benedict Bogart

Undead Bosses

These are skeleton bosses that are meaner, bigger versions of their comrades. Some are seen rarely while some are seen at the same place all the time. A lot of them are seen during invasions including their commander, Jolly Roger.

Gravedigger Evan the Digger Foul Crenshaw Thad Ill-Fortune Will Burybones
Bandit Simon Butcher Boris Clod Sludge
Pirate Thaddeus Woodworm Bobby Bone Hoarder Grim John Mire Rickets
Mutineer Bonebreaker Jack Tar Gabriel the Perjurer Treacherous Tom
Witchdoctor Gideon Grog Unfortunate Fabio Bad Mojo Muck Poppet
Brute Whit Widowmaker Butch Sundance Mean-Spirited Mack Spectral Scoundrel
Brigand Blackheart General Bloodless Bigfoot Morty Bloody Bones Jack the Jumper
Duelist Francis Faust George DeKay Bloody Bart Talis DeCrypt
Grenadier Jeremy Coldhand General Sandspine Black Powder Evan Carrion Cartwright Carrion Cunningham
Slasher Stench Bonerattler Danny the Slasher Seymor Bones Slasher Soloman
Gypsy Henry Hotfoot General Hex Timothy Dartan Luckless Patricio Cole the Conjurer Cursed Cadaver John Jinx
Executioner Captain Mudmoss Cryptbreaker Memento Mori Necrotic Neil
Raider General Darkhart Giorgio Romero Johnny Swiftflash Putrid Pete Saponified Sam
Quartermaster Adouard Clement Enzo Rene Pierpont
Maitre LaFayette Andre Hautecourt Lautrec
Lieutenant Le Lapon Rouge Cafard Serpent Noir Sauvage
Capitaine Jacques le Blanc Asesino Gaston Gaucher Requin
Conquistador Cabeza de Hierro Fuego Feroz Mata Machuca Voz Feroz
Bandido Mala Uva Bosco Asco Moco Verde Ojo Loco
Pirata Gato Montes Conejo Blanco Culebra Ciega Felipito Tacate
Capitan Tomas Blanco Caballo Rojo Diego Diestro El Saltador Tiburon
Commander Jolly Roger

Ghost Bosses

These are ghosts that dwell on Raven's Cove that seem to be in charge of the other ghosts. Likely they were commanders in El Patron's crew.

Devious Ira Deseo Muerte Orgullo
Mutineer Sordidez Pereza Envidia Gula
Misc El Patron Foulberto Smasho Cicatriz Kudgel The Watcher

Jumbee Bosses

Jumbees are zombies under voodoo control. They appear on The Queen Anne's Revenge after boarding her and in the Hollowed Woods.

Captain Captain Windshadow LaSchafe
Cook Clutch Kettle Ovenmaster Saucepan McAshton
Demolitionist Big Boom Dismal Shrapnel Santorini "Trigger" Jacoby
Lookout LaCoste LaDaga Maximo Nipperkin
Miner Ash Hewer Chop Collier Coal Hauler Wicked Cinder
Officer Billow Dog Ear Skylar the Spectre Squall
Swabbie Colkir Kivany Monk Twigg
Thrall Scarus Scratch Tallther Waymer
Thralldriver Clubba Grapple Jumbee Abel Jumbee Kane Mallot Scurvy Joe
Thug Ketchum Reek Shade Whiff
Voodoo Master Dark Necromancer Hawksmoor Quartermaster Wicked Obeah

Thrall Bosses

These are boss members of The Flying Dutchman crew, who serve Davy Jones.

Dreg Barnacle Barnaby Bowsprit Bobbie Drip Mizzenmast Mike
Flotsam Clamface Damp Will Whelk
Spineskull Dentex Angler Carl Conch Crusty Clem Springtrap
Kelpbrain Seaweed Sebastian Finnegan Kevin Kelp Spray
Brinescum Bilge Pump Pat Dutchman's Witchdoctor Grim Maurice Splatter
Seabeard Crash (Boss) Clanker Cleaver Drool Yardarm Yale
Molusk Jimmy Legs Blobfish Billy Molusk Matthew Barramundi Oar Glutinous Gills
Urchinfist Cannonade Ed Koleniko Douse Keelhaul Ken Zander Bluegills
Thrall Captain Palifico Insane Ike Hammerhead Captain Briney Sawtooth
Spout Quittance Drench Drizzle Keeper of the Shallows Flathead Ide Ogilvey

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