These metalworking artists sell some of the pirate's most needed commodities - blades. Blacksmiths sell cutlasses and daggers; also dagger belts to hold extras and replacement throwing knives.

Visiting a Blacksmith

They can be found on nearly all of the main islands - Port Royal, Tortuga and Padres Del Fuego.

To interact with a blacksmith, look for the Crossed Swords sign above their door. Go to the door, and press Shift to enter the shop.

Inside, go to the smith and press Shift again. Their menu of services will appear.

Their services menu will appear. You can choose Quest, Store, Sell Items, or Cancel.

Blacksmith Menu.png

Quest will only be available IF the Blacksmith has an unfinished quest, the pirate can take on.

Store will open the Items for Sale the Blacksmith offers. Some items may not be available for sale until the pirate reaches a specific skill level with a weapon. Also, some blacksmiths offer a different selection.

To make a purchase, select the weapon or accessory, and click buy.

Bribe will be available if the pirate currently has a quest that requires paying the Blacksmith some money under the table.

Sell Items allows smiths to buy ANY items the pirate has for sale (weapons, garb, tattoo designs, jewelry, even potions and tonics)

Exit will return you to the shop.

Shops are also home to Trainers, who will help pirates re-learn skills by re-allocating Skill Points.

Some islands have multiple shops. Padres del Fuego, being a Spanish colony, has the best weaponry selection of all blacksmiths, though most require a strong skills to wield them. Spanish blacksmiths were historically know for the quality of their swords.


Icon blacksmith.png

To locate a blacksmith, press F8 (Island Map) while visiting one of the main islands and look for the crossed swords symbol as you navigate. Once nearby, you should be able to spot the door sign with the crossed swords on it.

These 9 folks are all experts in crafting various weapons and metal accessories for the pirate, for the right price.

Rhea Armstrong Profile.png ProfileFerrera.png ProfileAntonlevy.png ProfileSvenThorhammer.png ProfilePhilipFuller.png
Rhea Armstrong
Padres Del
Anton Levy
Padres Del
*Las Pulgas on
Padres Del
Philip Fuller
Port Royal
Rhea Armstrong
Anton Levy
ProfileRSmith.png ProfileJohnWallace.png Samuel Wright Profile.png ProfileFlinty.png
R. Smith,
Port Royal
John Wallace
Port Royal
Samuel Wright
R. Smith,

Items for Sale

Each blacksmith offers a variety of weapons and the same accessories. The smiths on Port Royal and Tortuga tend to sell a number of affordable common weapons, while the ones on Padres Del Fuego offer several higher end weapons not found elsewhere.


NameAttack PowerSkil Req.CostResale Value
Short Cutlass 163220g11g
Battle Cutlass 268430g12g
Ornate Cutlass 3613680g34g
Grand Cutlass 4618990g49g
Royal Cutlass 56231,340g67g


Name Attack Power Skill Req. Cost

Resale Value

Iron Sabre 13 5 430g 21g
Steel Sabre 20 10 700g 35g
Fine Sabre 28 15 1,040g 52g
War Sabre 35 20 1,360g 68g
Master Sabre 43 25 1,750g 87g


Name Attack Power Skill Req. Cost

Resale Value

Small Broadsword 32 7 740g 37g
Steel Broadsword 41 12 1,040g 52g
Mighty Broadsword 50 17 1,380g 69g
Ornate Broadsword 59 22 1,760g 88g
Great Broadsword 67 27 2,130g 106g


Name Attack Power Skill Req. Cost Resale
Small Dagger 11 Dagger 3 610g 30g
Steel Dagger 21 Dagger 8 2,210g 110g
Combat Dagger 31 Dagger 13 4,810g 240g
Battle Dagger 41 Dagger 18 8,410g 420g
War Dagger 51 Dagger 23 13,010g 650g

Throwing Knives

Name Attack Skill Req. Cost Resale
Small Throwing Knives 8 Dagger 7 800g 40g
Iron Throwing Knives 15 Dagger 12 2,810g 140g
Tribal Throwing Knives 23 Dagger 17 6,610g 330g
Fine Throwing Knives 30 Dagger 22 11,250g 562g
Master Throwing Knives 38 Dagger 27 18,050g 902g

Dagger Ammo

The smith offers a variety of blades to refill the pirate's Dagger Belt.

TypeDescriptionCostSkill Req.
Throwing Knife (25)A small set of throwing knives. Throwing ammunition for the Asp skill.33 + Asp Skill
Venom Dagger (25)A throwing knife coated with snake venom. Throwing ammunition for the Adder skill.75 + Adder Skill
Sidewinder (25)A large curved throwing knife. Throwing ammunition for the Sidewinder skill.1112 + Sidewinder
Viper Brace (5)A brace of special throwing knifes meant to be thrown in a set.
Throwing ammunition for the Viper's Nest skill.
717 + Vipers Nest

Dagger Belt

These leather straps allow the pirate to carry whole braces of weapons for easy access to throw.

Name Additional Daggers Held Cost Skill Req.
Small Belt+25 Throwing/Venom/Sidewinder, +10 Vipers2001
Medium Belt+50 Throwing/Venom/Sidewinder, +20 Vipers8001
Large Belt+75 Throwing/Venom/Sidewinder, +35 Vipers24001

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