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A Bayonet is a musket with a bladed instrument affixed to the front of the barrel. It is used like a spear once the rifle becomes unusable, or when an enemy is too close to shoot. Generally, bayonets have less firepower than their musket counterparts, but make up for it with the extra melee attack option.

A pirate using a bayonet is able to target human enemies and attack them with the gun's blade. You can also shoot just like the musket, but shots will not deal any damage to human enemies.

Historically, the bayonet refers only to the blade affixed to the barrel.

Level Up!


Leveling up your gun adds +7 HP, +1 Voodoo

Types of Bayonet


*There are no Legendary or crude bayonets

Rarity Name Attack Level Req. Abilities Cost Resale
Battle Bayonet 43 14 Bayonet Rush 1, Critical Strike 2, Bayonet Stab +1 N/A 117g
Boney Bayonet 72 29 Bayonet Bash 3, Bayonet Stab +5, Silver Shot +2 N/A 402g
Brigadier's Bayonet 76 28 Bayonet Rush 3, Take Aim +3, Eagle Eye +2 N/A 312g
Buccaneer's Bayonet 51 18 Bayonet Disable 2, Shoot +1, Sharp Shooter +1 N/A 143g
Combat Bayonet 22 6 Critical Strike 1, Bayonet Stab +1 N/A 73g
Corsair's Bayonet 72 26 Bayonet Disable 3, Shoot 3, Sharp Shooter 2 N/A 304g
Crab Sticker Bayonet 24 7 Healing Boost 1, Bayonet Stab +1 N/A 42g
Flintlock Bayonet 17 5 None N/A 34g
Gator Sticker Bayonet 51 18 Healing Boost 2, Bayonet Stab +2 N/A 122g
Iron Bayonet 20 5 None 800g 40g
Master Bayonet 60 25 None 3,200g 160g
Military Bayonet 40 15 Bayonet Bash 1, Take Aim +1 N/A 76g
Militia Bayonet 26 7 Take Aim +1 N/A 34g
Navy Cadet's Bayonet 20 5 Bayonet Stab +1 N/A 26g
Navy Dragoon's Bayonet 70 25 Bayonet Rush 3, Bayonet Stab +3, Dodge +2 N/A 336g
Navy Guard's Bayonet 32 11 Bayonet Rush 1, Bayonet Stab +1 N/A 68g
Navy Musketeer's Bayonet 49 17 Bayonet Rush 1, Bayonet Stab +2, Dodge +1 N/A 171g
Navy Veteran's Bayonet 62 21 Bayonet Rush 1, Bayonet Stab +2, Dodge +2 N/A 224g
Officer's Bayonet 68 24 Bayonet Bash 2, Take Aim +2, Eagle Eye +2 N/A 218g
Pig Sticker Bayonet 41 13 Healing Boost 2, Bayonet Stab +1 N/A N/A
Privateer's Bayonet 64 22 Bayonet Disable 2, Shoot +2, Sharp Shooter +2 N/A 205g
Rusty Bayonet 16 3 None N/A 27g
Sea Dog's Bayonet 28 9 Bayonet Disable 1 N/A 48g
Seven Seas Bayonet 80 30 Bayonet Disable 4, Sharp Shooter +3, Shoot +3 N/A 403g
Shark Sticker Bayonet 66 23 Healing Boost 3, Bayonet Stab +3 N/A 205g
Snaplock Bayonet 22 6 Shoot +1 N/A 29g
Soldier's Bayonet 55 20 Bayonet Bash 2, Take Aim +1, Eagle Eye +1 N/A 143g
Steel Bayonet 40 15 None 1,800g 90g
Swashbuckler's Bayonet 38 14 Bayonet Disable 1, Shoot +1 N/A 76g
War Bayonet 62 21 Bayonet Rush 2, Critical Strike 3, Bayonet Stab +2 N/A 259g
Wheellock Bayonet 20 5 None N/A 20g
Zombie Kabab Bayonet 22 1 Critical Strike 1, Bayonet Stab +1, Silver Shot +1 N/A 48g

Bayonet Use

The use of a bayonet is much similar to the use of a pistol. When the target turns red, clicking the mouse or clicking control will fire the musket. When the target turns yellow, the Bayonet will be used. The pirate will swing the weapon in a stabbing motion.

Combat Skills

Icon Name Description Level Req.
Pistol shoot.png Shoot Basic gun skill 1
Pistol take aim.png Take Aim Sight up an enemy for accurate shooting and extra damage. 4

Ammo Skills

Improved and specialized ammunition is also available as the pirate improves their ability.

Icon Type Description Cost (Rounds)
Lead.png Lead Shot Basic Lead Pellets Unlimited Free
Venom.png Venom Shot Coated with snake venom. 3g (25)
Iron.png Bane Shot Cursed bullets. 5g (25)
Hex.png Hex Eater Shot Disrupts Voodoo Power. 6g (25)
Silver.png Silver Shot Useful against Undead, not the living. 7g (25)
Steel.png Steel Shot Strongest. Good against the living. Not so against Undead. 8g (25)

Passive Skills

These skills improve the pirate's abilities. Once they are learned, they are always in effect regardless of what type of weapon you wield in battle.

Icon Name Description Level Req.
Pistol sharp shooter.png Sharp Shooter Increases accuracy for a better chance to hit. 8
Dagger dodge.png Dodge Gives the pirate a chance to avoid ranged weapons. 12
Pistol eagle eye.png Eagle Eye Increases maximum range to strike targets. 14

Bayonet Enemies

Royal Navy Cadets, Guards, Veterans and Dragoons also carry these weapons. They never shoot at pirates - either honoring the Pirate's Code or they have orders to bring pirates in alive.

Instead, they opt for using the bayonet, or smashing the pirate with the butt of the gun.

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