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Barbers can be found the main islands (Port Royal, Tortuga, ,Padres Del Fuego and Bilgewater). These skilled artisans give pirates new hairstyles and hair colors.

Visiting A Barber

To change your pirate's hair, just locate a barber shop. They can be identified by the Barber Sign over their door. Also, look for the Scissors symbol on the main island map (F8).

Just approach the door and press Shift.

Once inside, walk to the barber and press Shift again. A list of available hairstyles will appear. You can preview the style, by clicking the image of the style. Once you find the one you want, click Buy. You can also get a dye job and change hair color. Hair colors are: Light brown, brown, blond, dark blond, light red, red, black, and white. (See Color Bar below)

Note: You can not change your hairstyle or hair color unless you have unlimited access.


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Basil Tacktimbers
Port Royal
Cesar Gonzalo
Padres Del Fuego
Anselmo Flavio*
Padres Del Fuego
Maria Lockspinner
Pretty Prudence Cabingnasher
Basil's Barbershop Cesar's Barbershop Flavio's Barbershop Lockspinner's Barber and Beauty 'Cabingnasher's Barber & Beauty

Hair Styles


All hair styles are available in the colors below. There were originally eight hair colors available in Pirates Online, plus green hair offered during the St. Patrick's Holiday Event.

Hair colors.jpg

The island of Bilgewater has a selection of unique colors as well.

Bilgewater Hair Dyes.jpg

Female Hair Styles

Who says a lady buccaneer can't look her best when she goes out to plunder?

Short barrette.jpg Short barrette haircut.jpg Small bun.jpg Small bun with bangs.jpg Medium haircut with bun.jpg
Short barrette Short barrette haircut Short barrette haircut Small bun with bangs Medium haircut with bun
200 Gold 200 Gold 200 Gold 250 Gold 300 Gold
Medium haircut with barrette.jpg Short barrette with bangs.jpg Short barrette haircut with bangs.jpg Small bun with long bangs.jpg Short barrette with long bangs.jpg
Medium haircut with barrette Short barrette with bangs Short barrette haircut with bangs Small bun with long bangs Short barrette with long bangs
300 Gold 300 Gold 300 Gold 300 Gold 350 Gold
Short layered haircut.jpg Long top ponytail.jpg Long layered haircut.jpg Medium haircut with long top ponytail.jpg Long top ponytail with bangs.jpg
Short layered haircut Long top ponytail Long layered haircut Medium haircut with long top ponytail Long top ponytail with bangs
400 Gold 500 Gold 500 Gold 500 Gold 600 Gold
Long top ponytail with long bangs.jpg Barrette with Long Braided Ponytail.jpg Barrette with Long Braided Ponytail and Bangs.jpg Barrette with Long Braided Ponytail and Long Bangs.jpg
Long top ponytail with long bangs Barrette with Long Braided Ponytail Barrette with Long Braided Ponytail and Bangs Barrette with Long Braided Ponytail and Long Bangs
700 Gold 750 Gold 800 Gold 850 Gold

Male Hair Styles

Male pirates can also choose from a variety of mustaches and beards. The facial hair and head hair can be mixed up in any combination.

Shaved.jpg Balding.jpg Short smooth front.jpg Short raised front.jpg
Shaved Balding Short, smooth front Short, raised front
100 Gold 200 Gold 200 Gold 200 Gold
Ponytail smooth front.jpg Ponytail raised front.jpg Short Top Ponytail smooth front.jpg Short Top Ponytail raised front.jpg
Ponytail, smooth front Ponytail, raised front Short Top Ponytail, smooth front Short Top Ponytail, raised front
250 Gold 250 Gold 300 Gold 300 Gold
Short Top Ponytail shaved.jpg Mullet smooth front.jpg Mullet raised front.jpg Mohawk.jpg
Short Top Ponytail, shaved Mullet, smooth front Mullet, raised front Mohawk
300 Gold 300 Gold 300 Gold 500 Gold


ShavedFace.jpg Thin goatee.jpg Short beard with mustache.jpg Muttonchops with moustache.jpg
Shaved Thin goatee Short beard with mustache Muttonchops with mustache
100 Gold 200 Gold 250 Gold 300 Gold
Medium goatee.jpg Thin Sideburns.jpg Short goatee with soul patch.jpg Long beard with mustache.jpg
Medium goatee Thin Sideburns Short goatee with soul patch Long beard with mustache
300 Gold 300 Gold 400 Gold 500 Gold
Long hanging goatee.jpg Sidechops.jpg Long braided beard.jpg
Long hanging goatee Sidechops Long braided beard
500 Gold 500 Gold 750 Gold


ShavedFace.jpg Regular.jpg Walrus.jpg Pencil.jpg
Shaved Regular Walrus Pencil
100 Gold 200 Gold 200 Gold 200 Gold
Fu manchu.jpg Handlebar.jpg Curly handlebar.jpg
Fu Manchu Handlebar Curly Handlebar
300 Gold 500 Gold 750 Gold

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