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Alligators are carnivorous reptiles who populate various swamps and small bodies of water in jungles of the Caribbean islands. They are all man-eaters, but come in various sizes.

Types of Alligators

Alligator Bosses



The alligators attack when they see a good prey, or when attacked. The damage the attacks cause depend on the level of the alligator.

Bite - The alligator attempts to crush his victims between his powerful jaws. This deals minimal damage.

Crushing Bite - The alligator bites the attacker while lunging forward. Medium attack, it is slightly more powerful than the standard Bite.

Maim - The alligator attempts to crush his victim by hurling himself. This is the most powerful attack the alligator will use


Many alligators have uses for gypsies as their parts are valuable to them. Tia Dalma has you defeat plenty for their teeth, which are like currency for gypsies, their tails for potions and big alligators scales are used for primitive dental floss for island natives.

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