Quest star

You have been told that there are challenges to be found and fame to be had for courageous pirates in the boundaries of the Caribbean.

This quest is a great way to have some fun and level up your notoriety!

Note: Go to any shipwright on any of the main islands to begin the quest (Unlimited Access only).

Name Task Reward
Caribbean Struggle Visit Gabriel De Martillo 100 Notoriety Points
Pirate Lord Avaricia Visit Garcia de Avaricia 100 Notoriety Points
For the Spanish Spanish Icon Sink a French ship in Ship PvP 100 Notoriety Points
Pirate Lord Porc Visit Pierre le Porc 100 Notoriety Points
For the French French Icon Sink a Spanish ship in Ship PvP 100 Notoriety Points

Game Tips for Privateering:

  • Beware of small ships; they are much faster and harder to hit.
  • War sloops seem to be the most popular for warfare; bigger is not necessarily better (ie. war frigate).
  • Bring a crew; the more pirates the more powerful the ship.
  • Fight in packs; numbers matter in this struggle.
  • Know when to run and repair; and know when to pursue and sink the other ship, as experience will bring you success.
  • Communicate with your fellow Spaniards or French; as teams beat individuals easily.
  • Light Sloops are one of the most popular (and not to mention annoying) ship types in SvS (ship vs. ship) combat because they can go under your ship's broadsides.
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