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A pirate's ship vessel can hold various plunder taken from the ships they sink. The cargo varies widely, but the larger and more dangerous the vessel - usually the more valuable the cargo found.

Boarding flagships can result in more and better plunder. Also, captains having the Treasure Sense ability of the Sailing skill can locate the best booty to take.

Types of Cargo



These are standard shipping boxes containing basics and essentials, but may sometimes contain pleasant surprises.

Icon Contents Payoff Probability
Wheat.jpg Wheat 5 Gold 35% Chance
Cotton2.jpg Cotton 7 Gold 25% Chance
Grog2.jpg Medicine 9 Gold 20% Chance
Iron Ore.jpg Iron Ore 15 Gold 10% Chance
Ivory.jpg Ivory 25 Gold 5% Chance
Silk.jpg Silk 40 Gold 3% Chance
Spices.jpg Spices 90 Gold 2% Chance

Treasure Chest

Left Now, we're talking BOOTY, lads - the real currency of the realm!

Icon Contents Payoff Probability
Copper Bars.jpg Copper Bars 25 Gold 75% Chance
Silver Bars.jpg Silver Bars 50 Gold 20% Chance
Goldbars.jpg Gold Bars 120 Gold 5% Chance

Royal Chest

"Shiny? Aye, shiny."

These beauties contain the finest pretties one can find. However, a pirate will likely have to


undertake major opposition for such rewards.

Icon Contents Payoff Probability
Emeralds.jpg Emeralds 90 Gold 80% Chance
Rubies.jpg Rubies 140 Gold 15% Chance
Diamond.jpg Diamonds 250 Gold 5% Chance

Game Note: The percentages of the higher quality cargo goes up with each level of Treasure Sense skill or Treasure Sense Skill Boost, with a Navigation Tool.

onus from sailing items.



Often a Loot Pouch, Loot Chest or Loot Skull Chest may be found. It will take up a cargo slot as well, but usually the value is higher.

Ship Materials

You can only obtain Ship Materials by sinking enemy ships, particularly Warships and Bounty Hunters. Any found materials are stored in your Materials Pouch.

The various materials include:

Wood Metal Cloth Grog
Common wood
Heavy wood, known for resilience
Common heavy metal
Rare iron alloy, lighter weight but stronger
Common heavy fabric for sailmaking
Fine rare, lighter material for making sails
Watered down rum. Can be traded with merchants in exchange for goods and services.
Pine Oak Iron Steel Canvas Silk Grog
  • Newshipmaterialdrops.jpg
    Common goods will be found in Materials Chests, but Rare Goods can only be found in Rare Materials Chests (Similar to Loot Skull Chests).
  • Since grog is now a material the grog that used to be found in crates is now named medicine.

Cargo Capacity

The maximum amount of plunder you can carry will depend upon the type and size of your vessel. Each type of cargo takes up one slot in your hold.

Name Capactity
Light Sloop 6 Slots
Light Galleon 10 Slots
Light Frigate 8 Slots
Light Brig 8 Slots
Sloop 9 Slots
Galleon 14 Slots
Frigate 12 Slots
Brig 12 Slots
War Sloop 14 Slots
War Galleon 18 Slots
War Frigate 16 Slots
War Brig 16 Slots
  • Note: The amount of Cargo may vary with upgrades.

Once a ship's hold is full, any NEW plunder will replace the old IF the new items found are more valuable. So, a dedicated pirate could eventually fill their ship with a lot of valuable cargo. But, remember - if you're sunk, it's all lost. Loot Chests, Loot Skull Chests, Ship Materials, and Rare Ship Materials will NOT be replaced.

Cargo Hold

During a prolonged voyage, a pirate may not remember all they have plundered. At any time, even when not aboard your own ship - you can check the manifest. Simply click on the Cargo Crate icon in the upper-left and a list of total number of Crates, Chests, and Materials and Loot items will appear by type.

This manifest will NOT total the actual contents or their worth in gold, but it is helpful in telling a pirate what kind of plunder they're pulling in.

Note: You will not get any of your plundered loot containers if you teleport to someone or someplace before you have ported. When you see the list of booty after porting, click 'Take it all!', or click what you want, or you won't get any of it.