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If you're daft as well as brave, you can set sail alone –– just don't expect to survive. For those who want a fair chance of coming back, there are two ways to sail the seas –– as a captain of your own vessel with your own crew, or as a member of another captain's crew.

If you're not ready to captain your own vessel yet, or if you don't want to gather a crew, you can sign on to someone else's ship. Just make sure that ship is going in the direction you want to go, and that captain is strong and stout. After all, it's your hide on the line

Becoming a Captain

Blimey, all you need is your own ship! But keep in mind that a captain has responsibilities. Know how to handle your vessel. Make sure she's the right kind of ship for the job at hand. And it's a smart sailor who crews aboard other ships first in order to learn how to command fellow Pirates in battle.

Sailing Skills

There's nothing Pirates love more than the feel of a ship beneath their feet. And when you command your own vessel at sea, you have access to special commands that allow you to enjoy and profit from the experience all the more. These commands will appear at the bottom of your screen, and allow you to control your crew and coordinate battles.


Game Tip: Only the Captain can fire a ship's broadsides cannons. Crew members control a single deck cannon apiece. Sailing solo, a Captain can leave the wheel to man a cannon by hitting Escape. Disengage from the cannon by hitting Escape again, and return to the helm.

Captaining Skills

Type Skill Description
Broadside Left Ship Fire Left Broadside -- upgrade to increase Left Broadside Cannonball damage
Broadside Right Ship Fire Right Broadside -- upgrade to increase Right Broadside Cannonball damage
Full Sail Ship Coaxes a short burst of speed out of the ship
Come About Ship Allows your ship to make a hard sudden turn
Open Fire Order Increase crew's cannon damage
Ramming Speed Ship Bear down upon an enemy vessel and ram it into splinters
Take Cover Order Create a shield that protects your ship and crew from incoming fire
Windcatcher Passive A master of the sail, you know how to catch the wind in your sails for maximumspeed –– increases ship speed
Tacking Passive Superior knowledge of the rigging allows you to turn more rapidly ––improves ship turning radius
Treasure Sense Passive Your endeavors always seem to uncover more gold –– increases thequality of cargo drops
Taskmaster Passive A harsh taskmaster can get his crew to reload his cannons faster ––decreases recharge time for broadsides
Leadership Ship Maneuver Temporarily increases Sailing and Cannon skill recharge rates for the entireship's crew. Acquired by completing the "Rescue the Black Pearl Quest."

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