Xavier Hench
Captain Xavier Hench2
Occupation First Mate
Faction Marceline Guild
GM icon
Raised by his uncle, known as Old Soot, who was an expert cannoneer and munitions man, Captain Xavier Hench has been around ships and pirates since he was a lad. While his uncle was away at sea for long periods on “merchant voyages”, Xavier explored the islands but wanted more. He yearned for adventure and begged his uncle to let him come along on his next voyage. Xavier’s uncle gave in and started taking him on these voyages – that turned out to be pirate raids.

On one fateful trip, the pirates were surprised by a heavily armed Royal Navy Frigate. His uncle was lost in the heat of the battle. His dying wish was that Xavier would take his place. The Captain agreed to take on the 16 year-old because of his vast knowledge of cannons and munitions, and his quick-wit.

As Captain Walter’s first mate, Xavier is always ready to go above and beyond the call of duty. Need something done? Send “the Henchman” – he gets the job done, no matter what the task. He is one of the few people who Captain Walter trusts implicitly.

Xavier occupies himself with many hobbies including fishing. Xavier is a known prankster and will often play practical jokes on Captain Walter and other members of the Marceline crew. He is also a fine cannoneer and can be seen on the docks of Tortuga, giving helpful tips to new Pirates.

And now after the death of Captain Walter at the hands of Captain Ezekiel Rott, Xavier was elected the new guildmaster and became a Captain.


  • Overall Level: 50
  • Cannon: 25
  • Sailing: 26
  • Cutlass: 30
  • Pistol: 30
  • Doll: 26
  • Dagger: 25
  • Grenade: 30
  • Staff: 25
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