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Captain's Resolve

The Captain's Resolve Break Attack is a special weapon ability that allows a pirate to use his inspiring influence to help nearby allies keep their fighting spirit up. It is similar in a way to Nature Aura, but Captain's resolve heals a large amount instantly instead of a slow, constant, small amount of 30 HP. The only weapons that can use this skill are in the Admiral Group. Weapons with the Captain's Resolve Break Attack also have a higher value than most weapons.


These weapons all have the Captain's Resolve ability.


Admiral's Cutlass Group

Quarter Master's Cutlass Card First Mate's Cutlass Card Lieutenant's Cutlass Card Commander's Cutlass Card Captain's Cutlass Card Commodore's Cutlass Card Vice Admiral's Cutlass Card Admiral's Cutlass Card


Admiral's Sabre Group

Quarter Master's Sabre Card First Mate's Sabre Card Lieutenant's Sabre clearer Commander's Sabre Card Captain's Sabre Card Commodore's Sabre Card Vice Admiral's Sabre Card Admiral's Sabre Card

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