Weapon Card
Calypsos Radiance
Break attack Voodoo Reflect Rank 3
Boost(s) Swarm +3
Life Drain +2
Attack power 70
Location Looted from General Hex
Rarity Legendary
Required level Doll 30
Value 304 Gold
Weapon Model
Mojo C

The Calypso's Radiance is a Legendary Mojo Doll. This doll has the Voodoo Reflect Break Attack allowing the pirate who wields it to reflect voodoo magic back upon the caster. The Swarm boost of +3 and Life Drain boost of +2 help make this weapon even more deadly.

It can only be found in Loot from General Hex

Game Note

This Voodoo Doll was added in The Legend of Pirates Online and NOT part of the original Pirates Online.

- The original files of the game showed the stats of the doll at an attack of 58. It was buffed by TLOPO and reintroduced into the game. [Old Weapon Card]

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