Weapon Card
New calypso's
Break Attack Voodoo Reflect Rank 3
Boost(s) Swarm +3
Life Drain +3, Curse +3
Attack Power 70
Location Looted from General Hex
Rarity Legendary
Required Level Doll 30
Value 6,000 Gold
Weapon Model
Mojo C

The Calypso's Radiance is a Legendary Mojo Doll. This doll has the Voodoo Reflect Break Attack allowing the pirate who wields it to reflect voodoo magic back upon the caster.

The Swarm boost of +3 and Life Drain boost of +3 help make this weapon even more deadly. Later, a Curse +3 was added to increase the damage of the swarm and life drain attacks.

It can only be found in Loot from General Hex

Game Notes

  • This Voodoo Doll was added in The Legend of Pirates Online and NOT part of the original Pirates Online.
  • The original files of the game showed the stats of the doll at an attack of 58. It was buffed by TLOPO and reintroduced into the game. [Old Weapon Card]
  • During the PyP 1.0 update, the Life Drain was increased to +3, a Curse Boost +3 was added. And the Resale value was adjusted to 6,000 gold.
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