Weapon Card
Brute's Cutlass Card
Break attack Power Slash Rank 1
Boost(s) Brawl +1
Immunities Stun Immunity Rank 1
Attack power 26
Group Bruiser's Cutlass Group
Location Can only be found in loot.
Rarity Common
Required level 8
Value 36 Gold
Weapon Model
Cutlass E

The Brute's Cutlass is a Common Cutlass and is a part of the Bruiser's Cutlass Group. This weapon gives the Power Slash Break Attack which allows a pirate to deliver a jumping cleave that knocks his foe to the ground. The Rank 1 Stun Immunity causes your pirate to be immune to being Stunned. The +1 boost to the Brawl skill helps make this weapon even more deadly.

Bruiser's Cutlass Group

Brute's Cutlass Card Brawler's Cutlass Card Bruiser's Cutlass Card

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