Broadside (Noun)

  • 1) The long hull section on the side of a ship. Most vessels armament is mounted to fire sideways from the center of the hull. (Ex- "He couldn't even hit the broadside of a warship!")
  • 2) Cannons mounted below deck, facing directly starboard or port.
  • 3) The act of firing broadside mounted cannons. (Ex- "The captain gave them a broadside!")
  • 4) A Pirate's Sailing skill for firing Left or Right Broadside guns.

Broadside (Verb)

  • 1) To fire the below deck cannons (Ex- "We're gonna' broadside that frigate!")

Broadside Skill

Sail broadside left

This sailing skill affects how much damage a pirate's right (starboard) or left (port) broadside guns will do when fired.

Increasing this skill increases the overall damage.

Rank Damage
1 Base Damage
2 +5%
3 +10%
4 +15%
5 +20%

Using Broadsides

To use this skill, press '1' (Left) or '2' (Right) or click on the Broadside icon
from your screen while you are sailing. Your broadside guns have a limited angle of fire from the sides of the ship. Because of this, you must try to have your target to the left or right sides when firing. Your broadside gunners will automatically fire on the closest enemy ship. Also, the lower-deck cannons are only medium range. If an enemy is not close enough, the shot will go in random directions.

Special Broadside Ammo

With the Ship Customization update you can purchase upgrades, which offer a chance at firing a different broadside.

Ammo Upgrade Lvl IV Lvl V Lvl VI
Fury Skull & Bones 15% 33% 50%
Firebrand Fortune Hunter 15% 30% 45%
Firebrand Firestorm 20% 40% 60%
Explosive Copperhead 5% 10% 15%
Thunderbolt Storm Chaser 15% 30% 45%

Game Play

In Pirates of the Caribbean Online, only the player helming the ship (does not have to be the actual owner) can fire a broadside. When they select the Left or Right broadside guns (by pressing 1 or 2), all of the below deck guns on that side fire. The amount of damage done depends on the pirate's Sailing Skill and Broadside ability level and the size/class of the vessel. The damage of a broadside also increases depending on how strong your round shot is.

Sloops carry the fewest, while Galleons carry the most for each class.

Curiously, enemy ships can broadside with different ammo types, while the player is limited to only the round shot ammo type (Many skeleton ships can broadside with fury, and many navy/EITC ships can broad side with chain shot and firebrand).

When you use Left Broadside your pirate will say; "Broadside port!!!"

When you use Right Broadside your pirate will say; "Broadside starboard!!!"

Tips for Accuracy

  • Broadsides automatically aim towards the enemy ship most directly to the side of your ship. However, for the full range of cannons to hit, you will in most cases have to position your ship so that its broadside aligns with the enemy ship. Of course, this will also leave you completely open to the enemy's broadside, so this is not always the best strategy.
  • When your are doing Privateering (SvS), targets will be even harder to hit with broadsides.
  • Light sloops are the most difficult ships to hit with broadside cannons.

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