"Bounty Hunter" redirects here. For the enemy ships, see: Bounty Hunters.
Bounty Hunter is an outfit offered for purchase by Peddlers on Padres Del Fuego, Cuba, Port Royal, and Tortuga. Peddlers offer clothing that will only be available for a limited time (2 months). The outfit was first leaked the morning of October first, but was taken down and later released as a 5th Anniversary outfit on October 10th. It was leaked an additional second time on October 23rd as well.
  • Complete Outfit (Female): 5,400 Gold
  • Complete Outfit (Male): 4,700 Gold
  • In-Stock Dates (POTCO): October 1st 2012, October 10th - October 17th 2012, October 23rd 2012, August 28th 2013, September 6th 2013
  • In-Stock Dates (TLOPO): November 1st, 2017, April 11, 2019 (Flash Sale)



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