Walk The Plank
Go on, Poppet, go! Walk the plank!
— Pintel

Into the Drink With Ye!

Part of pirate mythology is a crewman or prisoner being forced to Walk the Plank - literally throwing themselves into the sea. They would have to swim to a nearby island or flounder til they drowned or become food for the sharks.

In Pirates Online, there is an option called Boot From Ship which was originally created for Privateering (Ship vs Ship Combat).

It allows the captain of the ship to remove a rebellious, lazy or problem crewman and deposit them at their last Port of Call. However, this option ONLY functioned in SvS combat.

The Legend of Pirates Online made this option available at any time while the ship is at sea, but added a limitation where a captain could only boot 1 person every 5 minutes. This was meant to prevent abuse.

Boot Option

Booting a Problem Pirate

The option to Boot From Ship is under the Take Action menu on a pirate's profile card.

Click on the pirate, their name in the crew list or from the Chat Box and the Profile will appear.

Click on the Take Action Menu in the lower-left.

Select Boot From Ship (the gold boot icon).

Boot Member

An "Are You Sure?" message will appear. You can cancel by clicking No, or continue by clicking Yes.

The booted pirate will then be teleported to their last Port of Call. They will NOT be able to return to your ship, while you are sailing. Once you port, the Boot From Ship resets and they will be allowed to re-board.

If the pirate continues to be a problem, you may need to change Boarding Permissions to prevent their return.

Boot Message 1

The booted pirate will receive THIS message:

Boot Message

Limitations and Details

As stated before, a Captain can only Boot one crew member every 5 minutes - but also:

  • Only the Ship's Captain (Owner) can Boot From Ship
  • You do NOT have to be AFK to be booted
  • You do NOT have to be in a Crew to be booted
  • You are NOT removed from Crew after being booted and can still use Crew Chat.
  • Any attempt to return to the ship, no matter any Boarding Permission or even from Crew, Guild or Public boarding options will return you to your last Port of Call.
  • Once the Ship has ported, the Boot from Ship ends.
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