Boss Icon
Skeleton 2
Enemy type Undead Slasher
Faction Undead
Health 7,750-11,250
Level(s) 18-25
Location(s) Catacombs
Weapon(s) used Dagger

Bonerattler is an Undead Slasher boss in the service of Jolly Roger. He makes his home deep in the Catacombs on Padres del Fuego, surrounded by Undead Raider troops. Just reaching him is a task unto itself. He and his men appear to be laying siege to hidden Royal Navy or Black Guard outpost.


  • Bonerattler appears at Levels 18-25
  • He uses a dagger with considerable skill
  • He is surrounded by other enemies which could attack
  • Bonerattler is very dangerous to all lower and medium level pirates




Bonerattler Map

Game Notes

  • Before the Cave Expansion in 2009, Bonerattler used to be an Undead Brigand boss and was surrounded by Undead Executioner, Undead Gypsy, and Undead Raider enemies.
  • During the Bloodletter Upgrade: Stolen Daggers Quest, Tia Dalma incorrectly states that Bonerattler is an Undead Witchdoctor boss who is vexing her spirits.
  • Defeating him is the last challenge to recruit Giladoga, you must retrieve a key from his bony body to open Giladoga's chest.
  • If you use a ranged weapon, you can get Bonerattler to come near you without getting attacked by the Undead Raiders.
  • There is a glitch that if you run towards the horizontal barrel and jump, you can go behind the walls and into the old military outpost.
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