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Blue red party hat
The Blue Red Party Hat is a common easter egg clothing item. It can only be obtained by defeating the seemingly invincible Rage Ghosts.
Party Hats

Game Notes:

  • A solid strategy to defeat a Rage Ghost (which only appears at night) is to combine a Freeze attack, either by using a weapon with Cursed Ice or Silver Freeze , then use a strong Blunderbuss with Steel Shot, or use Blade Storm with a sword, preferrably a sword with Critical Strike . While the Rage Ghost is momentarily frozen, finish it off with the Blunderbuss or Sword.
  • Another way to defeat a rage ghost is to stand near Crazy Ned, then quickly shoot the ghost with a powerful gun using steel shot, then before the ghost has time to attack you, quickly press shift to talk to Crazy Ned, then repeat the process of shooting and talking. This will keep the ghost from attacking you for quite some time. Just be quick.
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