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Posted by Solomon O'Dougal on May 9, 2021, midnight

The seas be in a fiery blaze of wild fire this mid of May! We got red hearts, smelly flowers & hot wildfire for dear ol' mum!

During this special time of celebrating our dear mothers between May 9th - 13th, be sure to do the following on your next shore leave...

Visit your local tattoo artist to inquire about some exclusive motherly & lovely ink that are sure to make mum proud!

Peddler Merchants have also brought back by traditional and popular demand, the much publicized Mother's Day Outfit (Wildfire outfit)! It's got gold and black all over it, what's not to like? It should also pair swimmingly with any gold brights ye got.

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms who are a treasure!

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Posted by Bargain Billy on May 5, 2021, 7 p.m.

Avast! Thar be new peddlers afoot!

First, we have the perfect outfit for all those folks who like keeping things that be lost. If these meet your specifications for fine threads, then The Lost Keeper is for you!

Not one for admiral hats? Understandable, but hold it right thar! Our second offering of outfit be for those military enthusiasts who like marching up and down the square all up in their parade hats! If that's to yer liking, then The Military Commander is just right for you!

If you still want our April offerings, the French Privateer and the infamous Capt. Black, then ye got until May 31st to snag those threads into your inventories. Best keep a weathered eye out on the horizon as well for thar be a …

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Posted by Monger Morton on April 1, 2021, noon

Avast, I got bad news everyone!

The new shipments of apparel were lost at sea. No new peddlers this month is so seems.

April Fools! I hope I pulled yer leg there for a second. This month of April we have by high demand from all ye fancy French and Privateer folks the... Aye! You guessed it. The French Privateer.

But wait, there's more! You like black and gold embellishments? You like big hats and you cannot lie? We peddlers got just what ye asked for and that is what we have to deliver. Capt. Black is back out of my sack and on display outside me shack!

So run down to Cuba! Weigh, me boys and gals, to Cuba and visit me shack-front to browse this month's latest catalog.

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Posted by Balthasar Bollard on April 1, 2021, midnight

Yuck! What's That on yer face, maTe? It looks like a catapiller!

If ye wanna do somethin' about it, talk to Olivier on the Padres del Fuego docks. Methinks theRe's someone near him that might be able to help.

This hairy situation is probably linked to allt hose hijinks that happen on April Fool's Day. If I wEre to wager a guess, whatever's goin' on won't last fer long.

Speakin' of which I heard from Peddler Phillip that he and his compatriots be sellin' a "fabulous" new outfit in honor of t'day. He made sure to mention that it won't be in stock long, and will run out by 12:00pm Eastern on April 3rd. Quite the conspicuous date. MaybE the other hijinks will disappear by then too?

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Game Crashes

Now that the Pirates Forums are no longer open, I have finally decided to make an account on our wiki so that I can remain somewhat in the loop with other members of the POTCO/TLOPO community. Unfortunately, the forums were closed for discussions a little while after the Pypperoni update from last year around late Spring. When the update first occurred, several players experienced issues, but it seemed to have resolved for most after a few months. I, however, have been largely unable to play the game for about a year now. Every time I log in, the game crashes either while loading or upon arriving at the Play screen. This has continued to occur regardless of how many times I reinstall the game and regardless of whether or not I have pu…

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Express Yerself With Savvy New Emotes!

Posted by The Crew on March 17, 2021, noon

Ahoy, everyone,

For quite some time we have read your suggestions and wishes for more emotes. We are so happy to bring a lengthy list of new emotes to you in update 1.4. For more details on that update, check out this post.

Before we list some of the new emotes, please note that there are two types of emotes: animated and textual. Textual emotes only show up in the chat and lack an animation. As you can guess, the animated emotes include an animation to go along with the chat message. The new emotes added in this update include a mixture of both.

Some of the new emotes include:

-Scratch Butt: /butt, /buttscratch, /scratch, /scratchbutt (animated)

-Show Me the Money: /money (animated)

-Smirk: /smirk (textual)


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Spring Update: Now Live!

Posted by The Crew on March 15, 2021, midnight

Ahoy, everyone!

The day has arrived! Our long-awaited Spring Update is live! Welcome to 1.4! We've been working on this patch for quite a while now, and we're super excited to get it out to you!

Most of the content in this update centers around making the game run more smoothly. Less lag, shorter loading times. We've done extensive testing both with our internal quality assurance team and with community testers like you. But as always, bugs always crop up once we release a new patch to the wider community. Rest assured we are watching and will be actively working to patch bugs & crashes. Thanks for your patience!

For a full rundown on everything we changed, be sure to check out the release notes page. On…

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Posted by O'Malley the Shipwright on March 5, 2021, midnight

Top a' th' mornin' ta' ye, mate. Aye, ye repairs are all done. Boat's as shipshape as a craftsman kin make her. No, I can't get th' green color outta' your hull. Well, can't ye see, mate? THE SEA'S TURNED GREEN!  

Happens every year 'round this time. Some say it just be a natural occurence. Others say it's some witty Irishman's idea of a prank to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!

Shamus O'Malley? Oh, I have heared of such a fella'. Folks used to think that peacock-dressed braggard is a kin ta' me. You can go ask 'im yourself about the green. He's over at the Tortuga Docks, offering pirates a "Luck of the Seas" quest. Wouldn' surprise me if he were behind this water-colored mystery. I can't s…

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Posted by Monger Morton on March 1, 2021, 5 p.m.

Greetings savvy swashbucklers,

March into March with some fan favorite threads that is sure to get people lookin'!

This month we've brought back the Capt. Blood and the Emerald Duelist outfits. What's more to ask for? One's red and one's green; speaking of green, the Emerald Duelist is sure to go nicely this March when St. Patrick's Day comes around later this month. Luck as it that when St. Patrick's Day comes around, that brings the St. Patrick's Day outfit as well. So best keep your eyes peeled for that.

In addition to these new offerings, we still have Feburary's Pirate Stargazer and Black Mutineer that are set to expire come March 31st.

So, if you have spare coin on hand be sure to head on down to Cuba,…

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Posted by Sid Shufflefoot on Feb. 18, 2021, 7 p.m.

Ahoy there,

Jenny and I have returned to Tortuga just in time for one of our favorite holidays, Mardi Gras! It is truly a jovial time in the Caribbean during Mardi Gras so we have decided to spend it with you on the beach.

We have set up a bonfire that ignites starting at 4PM Eastern and will be lit until 10PM. I also have catered our Mardi Gras meals with some roast pork that seems to have magical properties, legend has it that this pork can heal a wounded pirate!

I talked to Davy Doubloon and rest assured, the Mardi Gras outfits will be for sale until the end of the event on February 28th. I hope to see you wearing one of these for the festivities! I’ve been itching to play some tunes for all of you, if y…

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