• ElizaCreststeel

    Posted by John Macbatten & Stephen Teague on Dec. 1, 2019, 4:30 p.m.

    Hello, everyone,

    We are happy to announce that the opening of our test server is coming very soon! With that being said, we are beginning the process of inviting players to our test server.

    The first wave of players that will be invited to the test server are a list of fairly prominent members from all over the community that The Crew has decided would be quality additions to the Semi-Public Testing Server. These community members have been decided on in advance and will receive emails containing their invitation and how to log in to the testing server, once it is ready. This group will serve as initial testers for the server before it is opened up to more players.

    When the f…

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  • ElizaCreststeel

    Posted by Kat Pepperson on Dec. 1, 2019, 1:30 p.m.

    Ahoy to you all! I hope you have been enjoying this year's Brethren Feast. If you haven't yet, I suggest you go try that succulent ham roasting on the pit!

    We peddlers have a treat for you this December. This month's shipment of garments are perfect for the holiday season. The suppliers were able to find some hidden crates of last year's outfit, and also discovered something new.

    Returning once again is the white Winter Mystic. It comes with a White Flowers Stocking Cap, Solstice Shirt, and appropriate bottoms for pirate or pirette. Perfect to wear on the winter solstice!

    Our new find is the Sea Wolf. This outfit immediately caught my eye with the deep green, including the boots, and fur trim.…

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  • ElizaCreststeel

    Posted by Myrna on Nov. 25, 2019, noon


    By now you have heard about the nefarious Captain Zephyr Windshadow, but what you don’t know about are his capabilities. Before you engage this fearsome foe, you must know about the Storm Sphere, his weapon of choice.

    The Storm Sphere was powered by the Shrine of the Watcher, an altar that held incredible voodoo properties. The vile captain weasled his way into our town with only one motive in sight: that very same shrine. For months, he dug his way into the rock behind our town hall, searching for his prize. When Windshadow finally arrived at the Watcher's burial, he changed Hollowed Woods forever.

    Using his dark voodoo magic, Windshadow absorbed the Watcher's power and encapsulated it into a singl…

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  • ElizaCreststeel

    Posted by Myrna on Nov. 22, 2019, 5 p.m.

    Two powerful weapons were created because of Captain Windshadow, after he came to the Hollowed Woods. One by himself, the other by the combined efforts of the EITC, Royal Navy, and Jolly Roger.

    When Captain Zephyr Windshadow first arrived in our Hollowed Woods, he built the bonfire you still see burning today. Once the fire was lit, he cast a spell upon the flames. The bonfire gradually drew the voodoo out of the heart of Hollowed Woods, and the Breath of Hollowed Woods turned the flames green. The power in this bonfire fed Captain Windshadow's own powers, strengthening him while he searched for The Watcher's shrine. The flames also helped him to take some of her power for his own, but thankfully I wa…

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  • ElizaCreststeel

    Posted by Myrna on Nov. 22, 2019, 10 a.m.

    Ahoy, everyone,

    I’m sure you all have heard of Zephyr Windshadow, the mysterious jumbee captain in the Hollowed Woods Town Hall. This is a man not to be trifled with, he is a threat to the entire Caribbean.

    To keep it brief, Captain Windshadow came to Port Royal to assist the people of the Hollowed Woods in restoring their long-lost miner town. Due to his “great” work, the people of the Hollowed Woods appointed him as their mayor, they built him a town hall and everything!

    Unfortunately, Captain Windshadow became consumed with greed, he wished to steal the power of The Watcher by destroying her shrine and seizing its power for himself. Soon after, he discovered the shrine was inside the rock walls behi…

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  • ElizaCreststeel

    Posted by Jesse Tidus on Nov. 21, 2019, 8 p.m.

    Greetings, my fellow comrade of the, ahem, freebooter profession. I, Jesse Tidus, have made port once more… to invite you to the Brethren Feast!

    Aye, it is a euphoric celebration, indeed. Gather ‘round the bonfire on the shores of Tortuga! Indulge in roast pork! Play music with musicians by the comforts of the fire! Simply enjoy yourself by participating in a bit of small talk… or perhaps rather large talk, if you fancy my breathtaking looks like the way I do yours, love. Bonfires light daily from 4 pm - 10 pm Eastern, so you may be able to sink a ship or two and still catch a taste of the fun.

    Of course, do not attend this joyous occasion just so you may see me in the stunning flesh -- though I…

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  • ElizaCreststeel

    Posted by Davy Doubloon on Nov. 18, 2019, 3 p.m.

    God's bones, where has the month gone mates?! I swear t' ye I only went into the King's Arm and had one drink! One I tell you! That poxy little barmaid must of slipped me something, I thought my pockets felt lighter!

    No matter, this month's offerings are sure t' line my pockets again...err I mean make ye look like a rich man or missus! We've probably already seen my wares, the Barony stolen straight from the aristocracy *cough* I mean lovingly reproduced in fine purple silk and gold thread. Also the Classic Corsair is available with its more subdued hues of gold and tan, for the more modest pirate that wants t' blend in, but stylishly.

    Mates, don't forget my offerings from October are still onl…

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  • ElizaCreststeel

    Posted by Town Crier on Nov. 11, 2019, 8:30 p.m.

    Hear ye, hear ye! The office of the esteemed Brigadier Everrard Baldwin of the Royal Navy accounces to all Sailors and ship owners that he and the Governors of our glorious Caribbean islands have heard your request! All Sailors and ship owners may now register a NEW ship name with their local governments and Royal Navy outposts of their said residence for a fee. All Shipwrights on the main islands of the Caribbean are deemed our official representatives in filing this claim with the Royal Navy.

    Any ship may be registered with a new name, regardless of the size or state that the ship may be in, whether brand new or scuttled. The fee will increase each time the ship is renamed, stacking much lik…

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  • ElizaCreststeel

    Posted by The Crew on Oct. 31, 2019, 8 p.m.

    Ahoy, all!

    As you may already know, today, October 31st, marks the 12th anniversary of Pirates Online. It's been a long road, and we're so happy that you're still here with us.

    TLOPO means so much to all of us here, and we're really excited to show you where the next chapter takes us.

    The game is almost back to the original state it was in back in the Disney days. Only a few more features remain. As you may have noticed, we've already dipped our toes into new content, and we're excited to do that fully in the coming year. Lots of cool stuff is planned, most notably our Capture the Chest expansion.

    Thanks for sticking with us! Happy Halloween, and Happy Anniversary!

    ~ The Crew @ The Legend of Pirates O…

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  • ElizaCreststeel

    Posted by The Crew on Oct. 30, 2019, 8 p.m.

    Help Myrna the Gypsy stop a malevolent force from breaking out in a New Quest: Storms in Hollowed Woods.

    Available to pirates notoriety level 40+ who have completed the quest "Haunting in Hollowed Woods," you'll learn more about The Watcher and the origins of Hollowed Woods, defeat a New Boss, and discover a New Location: Hollowed Woods Town Hall. Plus there are other new redesigns in the Hollowed Woods, see if you can find them all!

    Two new weapons are now availble to loot! A New Legendary Weapon is now lootable from the new boss, but only once the new quest is completed!

    Will luck blow your way and allow you to loot the New Famed Grenade: Breath of Hollowed Woods? Find it anywhere in the Caribbean …

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