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Blast is the basic Voodoo Staff hex. It is a line-of-sight energy blast, summoning forth power from the many energy lines converging over the Caribbean. It will cause minor damage to an enemy and those immediately adjacent to it. Though not powerful, this hex can be performed instantly, repeatedly with no use of Voodoo power, and restores voodoo power. The blast can also strike enemies from farther away than other hexes. This is a voodoo hex that can miss, like any non-voodoo weapon.

Increasing this ability increases the amount of damage and restores voodoo done. Damage and restores voodoo depends on the pirate's staff skill, additional abilities and type of staff used.

Rank Voodoo Used Voodoo Restores Damage
1 0 10 18 to 35
2 0 20 22 to 43
3 0 30 26 to 52
4 0 40 31 to 61
5 0 50 35 to 70
*Only with Voodoo Staff Boost
6* 0 60 ?
7* 0 70 ?
  • Please note damages listed in the above table are before any damage bonuses from Pirates of the Caribbean Online, except for voodoo restores (i.e. Passive Skill Spirit Mastery and Mystic Mixture Potions)
  • The damage is scaled by attack power of your staff in the Legend of Pirates Online.

Game Note:

  • Many pirates will use the Blast to attract numerous enemies to them, and then switch to a more powerful Hex to attack the entire group.
  • In the Legend of Pirates Online, 2020-10-25 tlopo-pyp-v1.2.0 Blast can now restores 10 voodoo per rank each time you land a hit.