Weapon Card
Abyss card
Break attack Inferno Sweep Rank 3
Boost(s) Sweep +3
Unique ability Blood Fire Rank 3
Attack power 93
Location Looted from Raven's Cove or Isla Tormenta
Rarity Legendary
Required level Sword 30
Value 633 Gold
Weapon Model
DavyJones A

Blade of the Abyss is a very powerful Legendary Cursed Cutlass with a very punishing and unique Inferno Sweep Break Attack ability that surrounds all enemies facing you in a blazing green fire for 10 seconds.

Blade of the Abyss is one of only two weapons to be able to use Inferno Sweep, alongside The Ruby Curse. This Weapon has an attack power of 93, making it one of the strongest Cutlasses in the game.

This is the weapon, alongside both the Heart of Padres del Fuego & Dutchman's Pestilence are the only weapons in the game that have a Rank 3 Blood Fire skill, which makes the weapon even more lethal as it defeats Enemies. This Cutlass boosts the wielder's Sweep Skill by 3 as well.

This blade leaves behind a blood red shadow that it shares with The Ruby Curse, instead of the traditional black shadow of most Cursed Blades.

Game Notes

  • Blade of the Abyss is one of three Cursed Blades that share its Weapon Model with a plethora of Famed weapons.
  • Though it's shared with many Famed weapons, it should be noted that this is the only Cutlass sporting this model, all other weapons with this similarity are Broadswords.
  • Prior to release of the Forsaken Shallows Expansion, this weapon and The Emerald Curse were the only two blades with unique shadows.
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