Cutlass bladestorm

Blade Storm is the fourth skill for sword a pirate may earn and it is without a doubt the deadliest sword skill ANY pirate can obtain in the Caribbean- enemy or pirate. Blade Storm starts out with numerous lethal slashes that happen so fast, you can't even tell how many cuts you made! Not only that, when that slashing fury is done, the attacker will do a 180 spin and do a reverse thrust right at their enemies midsection.

Unlocked at Sword - Level 20

Rank Damage
1 350-700
2 438-875
3 443 to 885
4 515 to 1032
5 620 to 1240
Only with Bladestorm Boost
6 700 to 1350
7 831 to 1662
8 875 to 1750
9 919 to 1837
Rank Experince
Gray 10
Green 26
Yellow 28
Red 30

To use Blade Storm, have your sword drawn and press 4 or click on the Blade Storm icon.Bladestorm

Game Notes:

  • EITC Mercenaries, Undead Captains, Seabeards, Thrall Captains, Traitor Ghosts, and El Patron can use this skill.
  • The Barracuda Blade and Heart of Padres del Fuego are the only known weapons to have a Blade Storm boost.
  • Any sword can use this skill.
  • It is usually a good idea to upgrade your Blade Storm to Rank 5, which can defeat enemies in seconds, though even at rank 1, this is a formidable skill.
  • You unlock Blade Storm at sword level 20.
  • This skill is also one of the more powerful skills that can potentially Critical Hit your enemy if your sword possesses that property, doing x2 the damage. With rank 5 of Blade Storm, and proper application of Red Fury and Curse, once you land a Critical with Blade Storm, it'll be common to see over 2k units of damage PER HIT, leading to over 10k overall! And that's not all the bonuses in the world either.
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