Boss Icon
Black Powder Evan
Skeleton 2
Enemy type Undead Grenadier
Faction Undead
Health 7,750-11,250
Level(s) 19-25
Location(s) Lava Gorge, Catacombs, El Sudoron, Cutthroat Jungle
Weapon(s) used Grenade

Black Powder Evan is an Undead Grenadier boss, who randomly appears in place of regular Undead Grenadiers. He 'lives' to serve Jolly Roger and has been spotted mostly on Padres del Fuego. He carries pockets full of explosive grenades.


  • Evan spawns at levels 19-25.
  • He attacks pirates using a variety of grenades.
  • This boss can be very dangerous for medium-level pirates and lethal to beginning ones.


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