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Ok, so you need help with potions. Ya come to the right place.
Potions table trans

I didnt get to lvl 20 in potions b4 I got basic, but I was always a master. 

The key is, rows. Say yer making Swift Foot, make one spot for alligator fox example, then crab, scorpion, and so on.

Hardcore potionmaking
Take that picture for example, whoever did this had Alligator on the left side.

If you get say, a thing with a scorpion and an alligator, lay it down on the slot next to where your alligator/scorpion is. Or whatever your pair may be. This gets you good results in most potions.


When I said most potions, I meant it won't work with potions where you need souls or essences and such. When doing a potions with sould or essences, only focus on that. Nothing else matters except for the soul/essence. The other ingredients  you need will end up getting there in the process. Works every time.

Souls, you might have to do more. With potions containing souls, you want to keep it as clear as possible!

Put where you are going to be building you soul on the end, and do everything else, everywhere else. I reccomend putting your other projects in the middle, and put things you can't do anything with on the side.


There's a couple tips, such as:

Keep it casual: Put it in rows, keep it in the rows, use altering your grid as a very last resort. 

Plan a Plan: And stick to it, if this guide doesn't work for you, or you come up with something else, give it a shot, but dont suddenly change yer plan while in the middle of a potion, if yer in the middle of the potion and come up with a plan, either wait until your potion or start a new one.

Don't stop: Even if it look like your potion has gone incredibly wrong, don't start over, I can't tell you how many time my potion has gone wrong, i make a new one, and then figure out how I could have done it later.

Take Notes: This is REALLY important. Take notes when doing a potions, for example, When im doing swift foot, i end up with essences all the time, take notes on how you did it, it comes in handy later.

If you have any questions, put them in comments and I'll answer as soon as I can.

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