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Below is the soundtrack that plays while on Bilgewater.

Shrouded in Mystery

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Bilgewater is an island refuge surrounded by a strange unnatural fog that shrouds it from view at a distance and provides a magical form of protection to those who try to penetrate it.

The pirate will travel here as part of their pursuit to find The Headstone, but the island also functions as a headquarters for The Keepers of the Code. Numerous merchants make their home here; many selling items found nowhere else in the Caribbean.

It is also home to some of the most dangerous enemies in all of the islands.

Inhabitants of the island are a bit stand-offish and will only interact with the pirate once they've completed the Chapter 5 Story Quest.

Island History

Keeper's Banner.jpg

At one time, it was only home to a secret gold mine beneath cold volcanic mountains. But, it became the island headquarters for the Brethen Court's secret organization, The Keepers of the Code. The settlement was founded by Jeremiah Seastone, the guild's founder, former leader and associate of the current Keeper of the Pirata Codex, Captain Teague.

Under Jeremiah's leadership, the Keepers form a clandestine base of operations from which to enforce The Pirate's Code and the will of the Brethren Court. Since his passing, that task has fallen to his daughter, Alaina Seastone. In the ten years she has been in charge, Bilgewater has become the center of the Keeper's network of spies across the Caribbean.

Working with gypsy Madam Bernadette, Alaina also grants asylum to many victims of Jolly Roger and the Black Guard. Nearly all of the residents, who aren't member of The Keeper of the Code, have been resurrected and saved from fates worse than death. To that end, they are fiercely loyal to her and The Keepers.

Madam Bernadette heard Captain Jack Sparrow was looking for the powerful Headstone and that the Royal Navy was also in pursuit of this powerful artifact. She sent word to Captain Jack to come to Bilgewater and for a short time, she cleared a way through the protective magical fog for him.


An island area mini-map can be displayed by pressing (F8).

Bilgewater Minimap.png


  • Town Center - The old colony town has been revived and a number of merchants peddle wares on nearly every corner. Many of them also keep their homes here.
  • Shantytown - Between Town Center and cave entrance to the Gilded Quarry is a collection of run-down shacks and small shops.
  • Everlasting Falls - This dense jungle is centered around a massive waterfall that plunges several stories to the overgrown floor below. Be careful crossing the natural bridge.
  • Gilded Quarry - From a cave entrance at the far side of the island, the pirate descends into a large gold mining operation. There are two entrances.
  • Austin's Peak - From the back of the Great Hall, pirates can ascend to the top of the building then from there, take a cable car elevator to the top of the mountain or ascend a massive tangle of vines from The Everlasting Falls. This area provides a grand view and also its where the island's protection totem has been placed to ward off Jolly Roger's evil voodoo.

Other Locations

In addition to the various merchants, there are a number of structures and places the pirate can visit on Bilgewater.


Bilgewater is home to some of the toughest, most lethal creatures and enemies found anywhere in the islands.


Undead Skeletons




Story Characters

Other Townfolk

Austin, Walleye Will, Jason Sealegs, Misty Dark-Waters, Walter O'Fish, Shelly Fortuna, Dunkin Jamieson, Gutter McFish, Emily Godfrey, Edmar Mitchell, Maverick Betts, Landon DeBrigg, Kanu Paddle, Carlos Carnicero, Jason Windridge, Yarr the Barbarian, Owen Collier, Victor Quislin, Patty Longlegs, Sam Trulee, Ned Decktimbers, Pushover Penny, Lovely Meg Heartburn, Buff Buster, Short Shelly, Gerard Morris, Jake Rooster, Mary-Beth Duck, Bill Thrower, Octavia Harris, Remy Moineau, Rowan Bowen, Jellylegs Jill, Nick Sharppe, Pearl Goldsworthy, Diamond Jinx, Poe


Dig Spots

Spots where pirates have hidden loot can be found all over Bilgewater.

Top left is key

On the Island

In The Gilded Quarry

In the Everlasting Falls

Storage Containers

Crates and barrels can be found in various places across the island.



Location Image

Map: Tattoo Parlor

Tattoo Parlor

Map: Jail


Map: Wagon

Under the Hay Wagon


  • Potions - There are potion tables at Madam Bernadette's shop and at Pyramus' cart.
  • Ship Repair - Go to the Shipwright on the beach to fix ships for gold.
  • Fishing - The Bilgewater dock has several posts to fish from for gold and loot.
  • Poker - Play a hand of Tortuga Hold'em at The Black Dog's Revenge and Festering Fish.
  • Blackjack - Play a hand of 21 at The Festering Fish.
  • Liar's Dice - Try your luck at the newest game and call out liar's at The Festering Fish, Black Dog's Revenge or the Keeper's HQ..

Game Notes

In the original version of Pirates Online, the pirate awoke in a small jail on Bilgewater, not Rambleshack.

Instead, the opening was changed to the pirate landing on the Port Royal docks with instructions to find Will Turner. That was later changed as the original Sea Chest tutorial cinematic featuring Doggeral Dan and Nell Bridgehayes was removed, moving Will to meet the pirate on Rambleshack before fleeting to join Bo Beck.

Disney used Bilgewater as the early model for island construction and layout design during it's initial phases. A number of characters who reside here were originally part of that incarnation of the island and have been brought back. Most of the other NPC's on Bilgewater however, are completely new, including the members of the Keepers of the Code.