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Bilge Pumping is a mini-game that is part of the challenges a pirate must complete so they can repair their ship at sea. This game is unavailable as a part of the mini-games offered at Shipwright stands, where it is replaced by Hull Scrubbing.

It is the first game in a set of challenges needed to complete repairs. The more damage, the more challenging. To play, step across the deck to a damaged section and press Shift.

Play Bilge Pumping

Bilge Pumping.jpg

Select the Bilge symbol in the lower-left to play.

The ship's water-filled hull will appear as a silhouette filled with Blue. The bilge pump is on the left. A level will begin moving slowly up and down along the pump.

The pirate must click on the pump when the line is the Green section. Water will be pumped out and the line moves the opposite direction, but now faster.

The line will continue to move faster and faster as long as the pirate continues to hit the pump at the right time. The faster it goes, the easier it is to miss. If you miss, it will slow down and start pumping less water.

Once the ship's outline is drained of water, the challenge is complete and the pirate's ship will see it's health increase.