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Bewitcher Doll
Bewitcher Doll New.png
Boost(s) Poke +1 Scorch +1
Unique Ability Evil Eye 2
Attack Power 22
Group Witch Doll Group
Location Loot
Rarity Rare
Required Level Doll 12
Value 13 Gold
Weapon Model
Mojo A.png

The Bewitcher Doll is a Rare Voodoo Doll. The doll gives the user the Evil Eye Weapon Skill, allowing them to Attune targets from a distance! It also grants the wielder a boost to the Poke and Scorch skills.

This doll can only be found in Loot

Weapon Group: Witch Dolls

Black Magic Doll Group

Witch Doctor Doll New.png Bewitcher Doll New.png Siren Doll New.png Occult Doll New.png Banshee Doll New.png Black Magic Doll New.png

Game Notes

This doll originally was a Bane Doll.